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          211-01 An avalanche has trapped skiers in the Bridger Bowl ski area. Fly in a special team of search and rescue dogs from the state capital.  A single flight. Many Thanks to Roger Lytle , Andy Hatcher, and Norm Hancock.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          081-01 Fly Ted Holmes and the members of a Florida fishing club to the Annual Big Game Fishing tournament in South Bimini, Bahamas. A single flight.
Checked for FS2k2 & FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          001-02 Fly the grand nephew of Donald Douglas on a sight seeing tour of the Niagara Falls. He is vacationing north of Toronto with Charles Wood and is the key speaker at this years convention of the Canadian DC - 3 Association. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          001-11 Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport closed in 1998. But while it was open it had the most challenging approach in the world for airline pilots. Fly Charles Wood's Kai Tak Checkerboard Approach single hop charter for the ride of your life. 72
           519-05 Catalina Flying Boats is the name of the company. But! as Roger Hayes's charter shows they fly DC - 3's over a route still being flown today. Two flights. 72
           155-01 Fly a group of real estate moguls from NYC to the Hamptons for the weekend.  Christopher Gordan is looking for a new home! A single flight. 75
          001-06 St. Barthelemy's Challenge. Two flights which were removed from the Caribbean Ramble due to their difficulty.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          095-01 Help B J Kitchens win the main prize! Fly 16 prize world-class jumpin' frogs, including top contender Ribett-Ribett, to Calavares County for Spring training for annual contest. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by John Lawler... DCA 852
          324-16 The first FSX "Mission" is submitted by John Achor.  Africa Relief is three
short hops , and an hour of flying that will challenge your flying skills.
          011-01 Join Mark James Wilson and a group of Hepcats on a scenic flight across San Francisco Bay and then down the coast to Monterey for the 'Jazz Festival'. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          001-03  'Tour the Island of Oahu' , with your guide Charles Wood. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          324-03  Medical Emergency. You must fly from Boston to Block Island with emergency blood supplies. There is a complication, you have to divert to Martha's Vineyard and pick up a vitally needed doctor. Two flights by John Achor.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729
          038-01 Ron Bushell gives us the Cascade Mountain Charter. Seattle, Washington to Yakima, Washington. VFR and IFR flight plans are included. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729
           066-01 A wedding party wishes to go from Chicago to Peoria, Illinois. Help David Bowen get them to the church on time!  A single flight. Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729 132
          324-04 A barnstorming trip around San Francisco Bay. John Achor has derived several spectacular ways for you to lose your license! A single difficult flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729
          702-02 You've been hired by Jimmy Buffet to fly a group of his friends from Miami Intl to Key West. They prefer the scenic route to Margaritaville and Mike Stanton's single hop charter is a little bit of the way it used to be. 143
          001-04 Charles Wood has written this single hop as a Salute to Meigs Field. The charter salutes the loss of a national treasure - the aerodrome at Megis. No FSNavigator Plan is needed - fly by Pilotage and De'd Reckoning. 145
           293-01 The 1945 Army-Navy Football Game is in the balance. Everard Bonner's charter gets the vital players to the game. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
           001-01 Fly dignitaries to Key West, Florida for annual Hemingway festival. The first DC - 3 airways charter by Charles Wood. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Derek Hope...DCA 1332
          324-10 Enjoy John Achor's version of a ' Trip Down the Grand Canyon, USA. ' A single flight. 165
          011-02 A group of tourists have gathered from around the world and their wish is to visit Lake Tahoe is granted by Mark James Wilson. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729
          813-05 Fly over the Uspallata Pass which stands high in the Andes at about 12,500ft. The single flight by Tim Cook is a testimony to the Panagra pilots who flew the route on a daily basis. 181
          166-01 Fly an ex Beatle and his party from Glasgow, Scotland to Manchester, England for a concert. A single flight by Roger Lambert. Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729 205
          375-01 Thanks Bob Reid and Norm Hancock ! Help the 'Children's Wish Foundation' by giving a group of children the flight of a lifetime through the 'Grand Canyon'. A single flight.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron... DCA 729
          702-01 The Cape Cod Express consists of four flights written by Mike Stanton. This charter, loosely based on the TV show Wings, makes an ideal set of short, but interesting flights. 208
          813-04 December 17, 1935 was the date of the first flight of the DC-3. Tim Cook has recreated this single hop flight to wish the DC-3 a very Happy 70th birthday.  223
           024-01 VIP relay to Toronto Raptors game at Air Canada Centre. A single flight by John Helsby.
Checked for FS9 by Jack Waldron...DCA 729
          549-02  Norm Holman's Canals and Pyramids Tour takes you along the Suez and Panama Canals. Two flights. 299
          Upgrade  Earn Twenty Bonus Hours. Seriously check out your flying skills in a series of challenging flights created by John Achor. Four flights. 310
          818-01 Both of the Atlantic Air Cargo planes are down, so Julio & Robert Castrillo really need your help to deliver supplies from Florida to the Bahamas. 324
          1160-01  Ken Alger has created an extremely interesting charter which consists of six legs flying the Shepard's Freight Run around Utah. Many quick navigation changes will keep you on your toes throughout this flight. 327
          038-03 The 'Everest Base Camp' is the scene of an emergency. Only very experienced pilots need apply! Six flights by Ron Bushell and John Achor. 356
          375-02  Kilimanjaro Humanitarian Flight . A humanitarian flight to deliver critical food supplies to remote African airstrips by Jim Henzler. Seven flights. 370
          324-02  John Achor invites you to become 'Executive One'. Fly President Kennedy to a safe haven after terrorist threats cause a total shutdown of civil and commercial air traffic. A single flight.
Modified for FS9 by John Lawler... DCA 852
          813-03 Tim Cook was hooked on Biggles as a small boy and has designed Biggles's Challenges as a tribute to his hero. These four (FS9) five (FS2k2) flights are designed to bring out the daredevil in you. 387
          1066-07 This three leg honeymoon charter was inspired by the real life honeymoon trip (minus the DC-3) taken by the daughter and new son-in-law of Tom Easterday.
Checked for FS2K2 by Serdar Badoglu ... DCA 1329
          1066-03 The Owens Valley Tour is a single flight by Tom Easterday. The route flies over the Mohave Desert to the Northeast of Los Angeles, then up the historic Owens Valley that runs up the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The flight ends with a sightseeing detour to Lake Tahoe before landing at Reno. 400
          910-02 Dave Bitzer has produced a wonderful single charter flight that uses the Radio Range system to simulate flying the China-Burma-India Hump route. The charter doesn't have a FSNav plan, so you will need to rely on your navigational skill as you battle through the supplied weather. 472
          324-11 Over thirty years ago, John Achor made these flights over South Korea in a C-47. The five legs hit the major bases in the Republic of Korea as you fly the Round Robin from Osan Air Base. 474
          1096-01 Rob McCafferty has written a scenic charter to us around The Western Isles of Scotland . These five flights will give you a very good impression of parts of Scotland. Don't get your tyres wet landing on the beach though!   503
          729-03 Mining Tour: Part II is a continuation of Jack Waldron's Mine Tour series. The seven flights take you across some spectacular country and include some interesting navigational challenges and some difficult landings. 506
          1160-02 If you like your charters to be busy then the Dutch Harbor Supply Run by Ken Alger is for you. The 9 legs involve flying between a number of aerodromes in Alaska, and the charter probably includes the shortest hop anywhere - just 8nm! 549
          324-05 A sequence of flights based on the FS2002 Aerial Chauffeur series, but 'made more interesting!' by John Achor. Haul a famous author around the New England area of the USA. Seven flights. 602
          910-01 This Charter by Dave Bitzer is a three hop route in British Columbia using NDB navigation only. The source material is from the autobiography By Dead Reckoning , by Ralph Lewis who describes the typical weather along the Charter route (included in the charter files) as so bad that it was comparable those that E.K. Gann described over the North Atlantic.
Checked for FS9 by John Lawler... DCA 852
          1066-08 Tom Easterday's charter will take you up close and personal to some very
dramatic landscape as you fly the three flights over The Volcanoes of Ecuador.
          662-01 This is a visually stunning tour of the Columbia River Gorge by Sherman Kaplan. The three legs will take you through the gorge and then on to see both Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens. 624
           233-01 Dutch musicians arrived for Chattanooga Swing Band Festival, but Instruments didn't!  Get them here from Newark in time for tonight. A single flight by David Broadhurst.
Checked for FS9 by John Lawler... DCA 852
           106-01 Help Peter Willstein find a new home in the Bahama Islands Real Estate Search. Ten flights. 653
          852-02 The Road to Mandalay by John Lawler is a five leg charter that is a celebration of the "Old Flotilla" and it's short-lived aerial offspring. It explores part of the coast of Burma (now Myanmar), visits Moulmein (Mawlamyine) and follows the Irrawaddy River (the road) from Rangoon (Yangon) to Mandalay. 712
          011-05 Korea: lamp of the East is an interesting set of four flights devised by Mark James Wilson. 714
Mining Tour: Part 1. This charter by Jack Waldron takes you on five visually stunning flights as you take group of mining and metallurgical engineers through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Albuquerque. All of the aerodromes are at altitudes above 5,000ft, so there's some interesting flying as well. 734
          011-03 Aerial Gymnastics are not required for these flights, just professional aptitude as demonstrated by Mark James Wilson. Five flights. 804
          324-07  'Great Canadian Cross Country - The Sequel!' Four flights by John Achor. 806
          324-14  John Achor's single flight gives a wonderful impression of Arkansas as you fly A Trip Around My Adopted State to Attend Writers' Conferences. 820
          375-03 Ferry the 'Desert Heat' racing team from San Diego, California to the southern tip of Baja, Mexico. Two flights by Bob Reid. 828
          888-01 The commercial production of Scotch whisky began more than 300 years ago when an Argyllshire farmer produced the drink in a simple device using a similar method to that of the monks who were distilling centuries earlier. The Scotch Whisky Tour is written by George Nuse and you may need all three legs to be able to stand at the end of it! 876
          1066-04 You won't need to use many navigation aids for these breath taking flights - just a pair of good eyes and a stopwatch! You'll fly over/round/past many of the awesome Volcanoes of the Cascades in this five hop flight by Tom Easterday. 964
          852-01  Somewhere in a Biggles book ( Biggles Flies Again?), there is a reference to the air-freighting of live lobsters, and what can happen if they get loose in flight, including the possibility of the pilot getting torn to pieces in mid-air by infuriated crustaceans. John Lawler's five leg - Lobsters charter is your opportunity to take on a charter which even Biggles wouldn't accept  1,098 
          324-08 The Entebbe Raid . John Achor has written an exciting fictional version of this very famous and successful raid. Five flights. 1,154
          519-03 Accompany Roger Hayes on 'The Appalachian Trail'. Nine flights. 1,236
          324-13 John Achor gives us another wonderful charter through the icy wilderness of Greenland. Nine legs take you to Camp Century - and you won't like the landing when you get there!   1,251
          038-02 Norwegian fjords are, like Ron Bushell, very scenic but incredibly dangerous. Fly real weather and you will draw on all your skills to complete this challenge. Twenty two flights, VFR, at 1,500 feet or lower if you dare! 1,317
          1462-01 Fly the 14 legs of the Oakland Loop with Chris Whisler.  This is a Radio Range charter. 1,387
          694-02 Missionary Flights International is a not-for-profit organization, based at St. Lucie County Airport in Florida. David Wood has used their work to devise these five flights , which will take you to Haiti and The Bahamas. 1,428
          1066-06 The first of Tom Easterday's collection of river charters takes us along the
Danube . The six legs have some wonderful scenery to look at, as you fly low over the river. 
          WR2005 The WR 2005 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the six flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2005.  1,667
          375-05 The 'Alaskan Ring of Fire' charter. Scientists (well Bob Reid) have invented a 'Seismic Device' that, it is hoped, will accurately predict future eruptions and give advance warnings of earthquakes.  Twelve flights. 1,676
          549-06 The Auditors Tour by Norm Holman. After the Break-up of the former USSR Circa 1991, a number of these smaller Countries that sprang up wanted to change over to the Westernised System of Accounting. 1,708
          WR2004 The WR 2004 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the six flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2004. A 'Weather file' is included and each flight is available separately for easier downloading.  1,717
          519-06 Roger Hayes has turned the famous Band of Brothers TV series into a fascinating charter. Ten flights. 1,821
          519-04 'Get your kicks on Route 66.' Allow Roger Hayes to take you on a trip down memory lane. Twelve flights. 1,838
          086-01 The majestic scenery of New Zealand is the backdrop to this tour. Les Russell has put together these short flights that often end with 'Interesting' approaches that will command your respect. Eighteen flights. 1,905
          729-01 Enjoy your Casino Charters with gambling courtesy of DC - 3 Airways. Jack Waldron shows you how it was done'. Six flights. 2,016
          549-04 About a year ago, Charlie Wood said We fly everywhere except Antarctica now we can prove him wrong. Fly these eight legs on An Icy Charter to Antarctica by Norm Holman deep into the icy wastes of the southern most continent. 2,087
          519-01  Lewis and Clark were famous American explorers. Follow the course taken by them during their expedition in 1804. Roger Hayes has included a comprehensive historical narrative. Fourteen flights. 2,149
          809-01 'The Wild Islands of Australia' Just one of the many tours offered by 'Dakota National Air'. Nine flights by Brent Brazeel. 2,166
          375-04 Thanks Bob Reid and Norm Hancock!  Commemorate the 80th anniversary of the original 1921 U.S. Air Mail Transcontinental route from New York to San Francisco. Thirteen flights. 2,192
          WR2011 The WR 2011 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock and Tim Cook. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2011.  2,203
          011-04 Join Mark Wilson's tour and enjoy 'The Splendor of India'. Nine flights. 2,264
          1185-02 Fly the next 8 legs of John Velenturf's charter as you follow A Second Indonesian Schedule, which he actually flew in 1953. 2,272
          WR2008 The WR 2008 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2008.  2,324
          1066-02 This charter does not follow the exact Footsteps of Saint Paul during his missionary journeys, but Tom Easterday's ten leg charter does fly over many of the places he visited. The flights take a sight-seeing side trip to visit the Biblical areas of Laodicea, Philadelphia and Sardis. 2,379
          375-07 A major shipment of a new drug called 7th Heaven , is about to be flown into the U.S, and the DEA have called on DC-3 Airways to help them catch the smugglers. Bob Reid's 10 leg charter takes you from the west coast of Colombia to Florida. 2,398
          WR2012 The WR 2012 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2012.  2,456
          1315-01 Flying The Sahara Desert is a difficult task as settlements are sparse and limited to a few regions where water can be found. Dave Athay has created a five leg charter to test your long distance navigational skills as you fly across an inhospitable sea of sand. 2,462
          WR2003  The WR 2003 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the fifteen flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2003. A 'Weather file' is included and the flights have been split into three files for easier downloading. 2,509
          549-01  Norm Holman's , 'A Grand Tour of the Great Lakes of Africa'. 
Modified for FS9 by John Lawler... DCA 852
          649-01  The 13 legs of John Hubbard's charter takes us From the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea to celebrate 50 years of peace within Europe.  2,724 
          WR2009 The WR 2009 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2009.  2,782
          519-02 The Vietnam Charter , Join Roger Hayes on a journey around Vietnam that you could not have made a few decades ago.  FS2000, fourteen flights. FS2002, fifteen flights. 2,855
          1774-01 Fly down the length of the length of Chile with this spectacular "Shoestring" charter by Martin Robert Pettersson. 2,893
          324-06 Fly with John Achor on 'The Great Canadian Cross Country' . Nineteen flights. 2,923
          WR2010 The WR 2010 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2010.  2,963
          WR2013 The WR 2013 World Rally flights by Norman Hancock. Enjoy again the ten flights specially created for the DC - 3 Airways World Rally 2013.  2,975
          1315-02 Fly with Dave Athay around My India as he recreates his visit there a few years ago.  There are 11 legs, including a special trip to the village of Darur. 3,063
          1185-01 Fly the 10 legs of John Velenturf's charter as you follow An Indonesian Schedule, which he actually flew in 1953. 3,120
          324-09 John Achor's charter takes you on an eleven hop flight around the Capitals of Europe. You will see the sights of London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bern, Rome, Athens, Lisbon, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Bonn and Berlin. 3,168
          309-01 Fly the route taken by Indiana Jones aka Andy Hatcher in the film 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark.'  Twelve flights. 3,212
          549-05 The North West Passage by Norm Holman. For Centuries, explorers sought an ice-free route to Asia, and now Norm Holman has written a charter that is dedicated to those brave pioneers. 3,236
          056-01 Roger C. Dahl's charter conveys an environmental team around The Great Lakes to enable them to 'sample the water' at designated locations. Twelve flights. 3,305
          578-02 The Whale Observation Tour. Visit the Northern Oceans with Nemo (Rene Maes) as your guide. Five flights. 3,347
          549-03 These five long distance flights by Norm Holman are A Tribute to the Navigator and are dedicated to their skill and knowledge.   3,540
          1000-01  Fly from England to Sudan with the six flights of this very interesting charter by Philip Prescott. Share the experiences of young Michael as he makes his way to the Sudan to meet his father.  3,626 
          813-01  Tim Cook's the 'Amazon and Lost World' charter. From the sea, to the source, of the Amazon river. Oh! And then find the 'The Lost World'. Fourteen legs, twenty four flights. 3,818
          852-03 This charter - On the Beak of an Ancient Pelican is written by John Lawler for the use of those who have got a DC-3 with ferry tanks, and have been "all gassed up with nowhere to go". The two legs of the charter follow EK Gann's trip to ferry a "new" aircraft, named "Savaii", from California to Samoa for Polynesian Airlines. 4,473
          1066-01 Tom Easterday's magnificent charter pays tribute to the men who flew the
China-Burma-India Hump. The seven flights will tax your flying skills to the limit as you battle against the atrocious weather in an overloaded aeroplane.
          1066-05 Fly the Trans-Siberian Railway with Tom Easterday & John Lawler . The twelve legs will take you on the trip of a lifetime across the snowy wastes of Russia. You may even meet Doctor Zhivago on the way - you'll certainly go to where it was written.   4,694
          001-05 Romp through the fabulous scenery of the Caribbean and Bahamas with the Caribbean Ramble. FS98, 38 flights. FS2000, 37 flights. FS2002, 35 flights. 4,750
          1066-10 Follow the second 10 legs of Tom Easterday's Flying The Pan American Highway. This is the second part that will take you from Panama across the high Andes and eventually to the very south of the continent. 5,344
          1066-09 Follow the first 10 legs of Tom Easterday's  Flying The Pan American Highway . This is just the first part that will take you from the frozen north of Alaska to the blazing heat of Panama. 5,452
          001-10 Part 2 of Charles Wood's See the USA charter.  There are sixty six flights , which take you from New York to Texas.
Part Three of these flights will be a circuit of our 49th State, Alaska.
          520-01 An Alaskan Adventure by Dave Arnold.  Explore the wonders of Alaska on this five and half thousand mile trip around America's largest state.  5,548
          375-06 Bob Reid's the 'North American Golf Sweepstake'.  Eighteen flights. 5,564
          196-01 Ernest K Gann's famous book 'Fate is the Hunter' was the inspiration for this interpretation by Peter Tucker. Ten flights Now includes the ADF Tutorial. 456Kb total download. 6,213
          262-01  Cape to Cairo! Learn a little about 'The Dark Continent' from Malcolm Esterhuizen's excellent descriptive commentary as you progress along the full length of Africa. Twenty one flights. 6,585
          001-09 Charles Wood's charter allows you to See the USA - Part 1 . There are ninety two flights , which circle the United States along its perimeter in a clockwise direction. The route is confined to the lower 48 States thus Hawaii and Alaska are not included. 7,690
          578-03 The Daily Mail Trophy. Part 1. Twelve flights by Rene Maes. 9,545
          086-02  Les Russell's charter has been completely revised by Roger Knott 'New Zealand to Alaska'. Island hopping cannot get much bigger than this. Forty four flights.
Rewritten for FS9 by Roger Knott... DCA 830
          001-07 The 1934 London to Melbourne Race, forty eight flights. Won by Dutch DC - 2. 11,987
          578-01 Back to Africa. Few, if any, other charters will test your ability to fly as economically as this one by Rene Maes will.  Twelve flights. 14,264
          1007-01 If you like long charters then Al Gay's Melbourne to Goose Bay is the one for you. The 46 legs take you from Australia and up through the Philippines, Russia, Alaska and then on across the beautiful terrain of North Eastern Canada to your destination at Goose Bay in Newfoundland.
Modified for FSX by Sid Knapp... DCA 1295
          001-08 Charles Wood has created a detailed charter of Amelia Earhart's 1937 World Flight . This provides three options - Option 1 is a twenty-nine flight charter to mirror Earhart's actual route, and contains no navigation aids. Option 2 is similar, but contains a low powered NDB at each destination to further aid in locating the aerodrome. Option 3 is one hundred and seven flights which shortens the leg times to about an hour and a half each, on average. Each Option contains all the necessary files including flight details, scenery and pertinent weather for the Lae to Howland Island leg. All options are contained within the download file.  21,171
          1066-11 This must surely be the most comprehensive set of flights ever available to enable pilots to fly just about any of the 36 routes that are, in general, referred to as “The Hump”. Each leg of Tom Easterday’s charter goes to an average of about 8 destinations, so there are almost limitless combinations of available flights. 21,600
          813-02 Jules Verne's ' Around The World in Eighty Days ' has been re-written for the DC - 3 by Tim Cook.  Eighty flights. 26,183