Argentina and Uruguay

Download 282 Flights here.

Argentina and Uruguay

With the addition of these Argentina and Uruguay routes, South America is becoming well-represented on DC-3 Airways.
Argentina and Uruguay, located south of the Equator, are in the summer season while the northern hemisphere is in the midst of winter and vice-versa. This is a great region for Flight Simulation flights, especially in the DC-3. Depending on the chosen route, pilots will encounter a broad variety of topography: mountains, tropical forest, desert conditions, lakes, fjords and glaciers.

Flying the Andes Mountains presents its own challenge, and the documentation includes the procedures for doing this in unpressurized aircraft such as the DC-3.

Daniel Nole, DCA-116, has presented us with another comprehensive documentation package. In addition to his flight descriptions and FSNavigator files, AFCAD2 files are included to properly locate airport gates and parking places. Nole's 282 flights range in length from 34 NM up to 1814 NM, so there is something here for everyone.

As you review the documentation package you will appreciate the effort that Daniel Nole put into this project.