British Overseas Airways Corporation

42 DC-3 Flights                                           255 Flights Total!                                            213 DC-4 Flights

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1946 BOAC Route Map (DC-3 Flights)

BOAC DC-3 Route Map

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1954 BOAC Route Map (DC-4 Flights) 

BOAC DC-4 Route Map

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Here's another fantastic Route Structure by George Blundell-Pound, DCA-1541.

BOAC was formed at the outbreak of World War II by the merger of two UK airlines, Imperial Airways and the original British Airways. During the Second World War BOAC operated a total of 160 aircraft of nineteen different types.

BOAC's decision to continue scheduled service during World War II was not without peril, though. Eighty-one employees lost their lives during wartime operations.

The DC-3 flights are based on BOAC's 1946 route schedule and serve two continents; Europe and Africa. Navigation is principally by NDBs, although if that is troublesome to flight-simmers they may use VORs instead.

The DC-4 flights are based on the 1954 BOAC Route structure. In addition to the two continents named above, the DC-4s also served Asia and South America. The DC-4 flight plans use VORs and the ILS.

Wherever possible, the DC-3 and DC-4 flight plans use the principal airports of the era of the flights.

With 255 flights and their flight descriptions and PLN files one can easily see that George devoted many months to this project. Beyond that effort, though, George also consulted with the staff of the British Airways Archives and Museum,, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the documentation package which is included in the download. You will find that illustrated document very interesting reading.

The DC-3 routes vary from 105 to 994 nm in length while the DC-4 routes vary from 124 to 1725 nm in length. There is something for everyone in George Blundell-Pound's BOAC schedule. These flights should be OK for FS9 and FSX. Enjoy!