French Polynesia

Download 101 Flights here.

The Society Islands of French Polynesia

Who hasn't yearned at some time to be in Tahiti, in French Polynesia? Sun, sand and clear, blue seas make it the paradise of the South Pacific.

The Society Islands make up one of the five archipelagoes of French Polynesia, about 2400 miles south of Hawaii.

Daniel Nole, DCA-116, has given us the opportunity to fly in this tropical paradise. His 101 flights range in length from 15 NM up to 2112 NM, so there is something here for everyone. The longer flights will be suitable only for the DC-4. Please take note of Daniel's readme file.

Besides the schedule, flight plans, and descriptions, the download file, also includes updated AFCAD2 files for most of the airports with reworked parking positions, taxiways, aprons, markings, etc.

These flights are principally for fs9, but many will also be suitable for earlier versions of Flight Simulator. The new scenery files are only suitable for fs9.

Thanks, Daniel, for developing these flights for DC-3 Airways. And Pilots, don't forget your swim suit, sun glasses and sun screen lotion!