IrfanView Graphics Viewer

A full-featured, freeware Graphics and Multimedia Viewer
NOTE: IrfanView is easier to install if you print this page.
Many have found it impossible to satisfactorily print Approach Plates, Charts, or Certificates. A too common occurrence, for example, is that the printed image requires four sheets of paper.

The Windows default graphics program, PC Paint, is the problem.

IrfanView, a freeware graphics program, is the solution.

IrfanView is modest in size, 821 KB, installs easily (it's a self-extracting file), and is simple to use. It is a full-featured viewer, with sound, and accommodates 42 image formats, including Animated GIFs; 3 video formats; and 7 sound formats. It could be the single program to handle all of your multimedia needs.

Downloading the file:
Download the file (Current version is 4.1) from Irfanview

The filename is iview410_setup.exe

The link to the IrfanView website is also in our downloads page.

If you are comfortable with installing programs and understand the concept of associating files, then skip everything that follows and install IrfanView.

IrfanView? ... yes, Irfan Skiljan is the program author.


Installation is very simple, mostly clicking a button or two on each page as it pops up.

Locate the file iview410_setup.exe with Windows Explorer and double click on the filename with the left mouse button. This panel will pop up.

Ifranview install panel #1

Just click the "Next" button on this panel.

Ifranview install panel #2

You can read the new features of this version, or just click "Next."

Ifranview install panel #3

This panel gives you the choice of which types of graphics to associate with IrfanView. Associate means double clicking on a filename will automatically bring up IrfanView and load your file ... much simpler than separately opening IrfanView, and then separately loading the graphics file through the file menu. See next Panel.

Ifranview install panel #4

Which file-types to associate with IrfanView? You probably are installing this program because you don't have a decent graphics viewer. I would start out using IrfanView for everything ... Click the "Select all" button, and the panel will fill with check marks. Don't worry, if you change your mind later, designating another program is easy ... see farther down for instructions. But, if you know right now, for example, that you want to play your sound files on another program, just uncheck the boxes under "Sound formats." Click "Next" when satisfied with your choices.

Ifranview install panel #5 

Just click the "Next" button on this panel.

Ifranview install panel #6 

This panel gives you one more chance to reconsider which files to associate with IrfanView. Click "Yes" unless you want to change something. 

Ifranview install panel #7 

Click "Done" and you're ready to use the program. 

OOPS! ... I changed my mind already on WAV files, and want to play them on WinAmp instead of IrfanView.

Here's how to change associations (works with any program).

  1. On the desktop, double-click My Computer
  2. Then find any WAV file and click on the filename (only once! .... don't want to open the file).
  3. Click on File at the top of the page, and then click on Properties in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Change in the middle of the new menu that pops up.
  5. Scroll down the list of programs until you come to the program you want for WAV files, maybe WinAmp, then click on the program name. If the program you want to use is not in the list, click on the "Other" box.
  6. "OK" your way out of all menus.
  7. Double click on any WAV file to be certain that it brings up WinAmp, for example, and not IrfanView.
  8. You must do this procedure for each file type that you want to change associations 
Using IrfanView ... Getting Started  

Open IrfanView by simply double-clicking on the filename of any graphical image. If you have selected a standard GIF, JPG, or BMP, one screen will pop up with the appropriate tabs.

If you chose a video file, such as an AVI or MPG (MPEG) a different screen will appear and the video will automatically begin to play. If sound accompanies the video, you will also hear that through the speaker.

If you chose a sound file, WAV or MP3, then yet a third screen appears with its own set of controls.

Let's start with an approach plate. Using Windows Explorer, double-click on the file een-2.gif, which was used with Type-Rating flight 1204. This is the Approach Plate for a VOR approach into Rwy 2 at Keene, New Hampshire.

The first thing you will notice in this case is that the picture is too big for the screen,. Reduce the size by pressing the minus key (-) or to zoom in closer, press the Plus key (+).

Printing the Approach plate:

To print een-2.gif, click on the File tab, then on Print, then on OK.  

Ifranview print panel 

This panel menu will pop up. If you just want to print a graphic that fits the page, then click on the button at the top marked "Best Fit to Page." Next, check the box on the left of the menu labeled "Center image on Page." Now click the Print button, and you will have a good copy of the image. 

You can experiment with the other features to see their effect on the print or images. The Help Menu (F1) is pretty good.

IrfanView should be very satisfactory for printing or viewing any graphics that a DC-3 Airways pilot might encounter.