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25, 26, and 28 MARCH 2023

DC3 Airways will be re-enacting the airborne component of the Rhine river assault of March 1945, the last natural barrier between the western allies and Germany.

The event will be staged over three sessions, Saturday 25th at 19:00Z, Sunday 26th at 1300Z, and Tuesday 28th March at 1800Z.

Files are presented to add flak, tracer fire, paratrooper functionality, flight plans, historically accurate beacons, airfields and WW2 liveries. Special effects and sound files are included in the package to add immersion and visuals to the event. Airfields have been put back to WW2 layouts in some cases with a myriad of vehicles, static aircraft, aircrew, buildings and tents.

This webpage provides 4 packages. There is a package for each of XPlane, FSX/P3Dv3, P3dv4.5 and P3Dv5.1. The final optional package is a collection of scenery object libraries which populates the airfields with the 3D objects.

Each software group will depart from a different airfield. refer to the mission details text file in the documentation of your relevant package for further information.

Download the package relevant to your flight simulator software, extract the files and refer to the installation.txt file as to the actions to take to get everything installed and configured for the event.
The documentation includes a brief history of the event referring to various You Tube videos and websites. Do try to look at these so as to get a better understanding of what Varsity was about and what transpired on 24th March 1945.

There are some MP pilots who already have the files installed and all aspects have been tested on FSX, P3D4.5 and P3D v5.1 with no adverse effects. These pilots and myself are available to assist as necessary if you require help in getting set up for the event. Just email me or post on the varsity forum section of the Multiplayer forums.

I do hope that many of you will participate, even if you haven't participated in multiplayer before. Details of the servers we will be using to fly on and for communications are included within the documentation. Non DCA members have also been invited to participate.

Come and join us with the Multiplayer group - come and FLY HISTORY!

Glen Broome
VP Flight Operations

Historical Information
A lot of painstaking research went into the development of this project. Years of study, interviews, and coffee (tea, too) were poured into making this the most historically accurate reenactment anywhere in the flight-simming world. Below are a few links to just some of the material used. The photos cycling below this box contain real-life Operation Varsity scenes as well as some of the scenery and aircraft as depicted in the various simulators we will be using.