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We at DC-3 Airways firmly believe that you will derive far more enjoyment during your career with DC-3 Airways if you learn to fly the DC-3 properly. As with any airline, before you are let loose on their expensive hardware they need to know that you are Type Rated for the aircraft they fly. To ensure that a new pilot joining DC-3 Airways has at least a rudimentary knowledge of flying and handling a DC-3, we have a very easy, but mandatory, Type Rating training course which must be completed before full freedom to all that DC-3 Airways offers may be enjoyed.

If you are not conversant with at least some technical aspects of the DC-3 It is advisable before commencing the course to be acquainted with a few of the aircraft's technical details. Please spare a little time to select the Technical/FS DC-3 Flying from the main menu and select your version of Flight Simulator. There you will find a wealth of information that will not only add to your knowledge of the DC-3, but will also be a source of information which will help enormously during the Type Rating course.

On completion of the six DC-3 Type Rating flights, and the submission of a correctly formatted pilot's report (PIREP) for each flight, DC-3 Airways will award you 10 hours of flight time as a bonus, and an additional bonus will be promotion to 2nd Officer.

Please don't hesitate to use the Forum for advice - we really are a very friendly bunch of pilots and a question on any aspect of the DC-3 or the DC-4, and indeed many other subjects, will receive a speedy and informative reply. Some of our pilots are currently DC-3 pilots in the real world so we have a wealth of real world experience to call upon.

Download the Flight Training Package here...