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Want to submit a Charter?

Well, we'd like that, also.

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Preparing a charter flight for DC-3 Airways is fun and challenging. Our President, Norman Hancock (Retired) has written a tutorial to help you do that easily. By following his guidelines, all charters will be uniform and problem free. Norman has also included an outstanding "Tips on using FSNavigator" section in his document.

Before you prepare a charter, be aware of a few simple rules.  To be eligible to submit flight plans, one must be a DC-3 Airways member pilot in good standing with at least the rank of First Officer, i.e., with 20 hours or more of credited flight time. If your rank is:

  • First Officer (20 hrs): You can submit one flight plan.
  • Captain (40 hrs): Total of three approved flight plans permitted.
  • Sr. Captain (80 hrs): Total of six approved flight plans permitted.
  • ATP Captain and above (140 hrs): Unlimited approved flight plans permitted. Submit ALL charter flights directly to Andy Hatcher, President

    The author must submit the flight plan in advance for approval. A flight published in the Charter Schedule designates Approval.

    DC-3 Airways reserves the right to edit or reject any flight.

    See Norman's document on how to number your charter.

    Provide a written description of the flight plan, similar to our other schedules.

    Submit an FSNavigator flight plan saved in version 3 format.

    No route shall require a GPS or specify GPS-style way points, i.e. Lat.-Long. coordinates.

    No route shall require access to flight charts other than FSNavigator.

    Keep all flights VFR so that everybody can enjoy the scenery.

    Multi-leg flights are fine, as long as each leg meets the above conditions.

    Flight plans will be posted in the Charter Schedule in the order that they are approved.

    Please test-fly your charter before submission. Credit will be given for one test flight, if actually flown, after the charter has been posted. A PIREP in the standard format is required.

    Thanks, and enjoy!

    Charles Wood