The Western Mediterranean

The Coastal Region of Spain, France and Italy

Download 103 Flights here.

Map of the Western Mediterranean

Thanks to Dr. Lluís del Cerro, DC3-581 and VATSIM Supervisor, for these 103 flights in the Western Mediterranean Coastal Region. Flights range in length from 13 NM to 554 NM.

The original intent was to create a set of flights around the most important airports of the Catalan speaking region: Catalonia, Valencia and Balearic Islands (in Spain), North Catalonia (in France), L'Alguer (Alghero, in Sardinia Island - Italy) and Andorra (Independent State).

In the end, though, Lluís believed that DCA pilots would enjoy even more a larger number of flights covering also a larger geographical area. Thus, these Western Mediterranean Routes attempt to cover all of the coastal airports of this geographical area from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Strait of Sicily.

The documentation associated with this routes is important to properly set up the flights. You should especially note:

These flights by Dr. Lluís del Cerro are a fine addition to the DC-3 Airways routes and should be most enjoyable to fly.

Click here to download the Western Mediterranean Flights.

I suggest that you create a folder in your computer, west_med, and unzip the above file into it for easiest access.