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FSNavIn my opinion, if you are not using FSNavigator you have only half a flight-simulator. Authored by Helge Schroeder, FSNavigator is a valuable mapping utility that shows the location of airports, navaids and your aircraft. One can zoom out to show the entire world or all the way in, so that a single airport occupies the full screen. Best of all, you can plot your planned flight path by clicking on the navaids, airports, or waypoints along the route of flight. It does a lot more, too. You'll wonder how you ever did without it.

The current version, 4.7, of this classic program is fully compatible with FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002., and FS-2004. The version which includes FSX will be available "early in 2007." Unfortunately, this gem will set you back $45.00.

Unfortunately the FSX version was never produced and this most useful program is no longer available.

MAAM LogoFor those seeking an alternate to the MSFS DC-3, one can find none better than the MAAM-SIM DC-3. Currently it is available for FS2002 and FS2004, but development work is underway to accommodate FSX. This DC-3 has been very well accepted by the flight-sim community, and with good reason. The MAAM-SIM team has produced a superb product. Note, however, that this is a payware aircraft. The funds, though, go to a good cause, to the support of the Mid Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM) in Reading, Pennsylvania. For those not familiar with MAAM, they sponsor the outstanding World War II Weekend event every June. If you get the opportunity you should plan to attend that event at least once. You may well return every year.

Cathay Pacific by Mark BeaumontWant to see some great DC-3 repaints? No doubt about it, Mark Beaumont is the most prolific repainter that I can recall. As of this writing Mark has created Sixty-plus high-quality variations of the DC-3 or C-47. His website also features the best add-ons available for your DC-3.




Trev MorsonTrev Morson's DC-3 Hangar website is the largest, most complete single source of DC-3 information on the Internet. The site is chock full of facts, procedures, photos, stories, drawings, news and links. Trev constantly adds new material to his site and I return to it frequently.

A strong base of DC-3 enthusiasts contribute material to The DC-3 Hangar, keeping it fresh. You should check back to Morson's site often to see what's new.



VATSIM We encourage DC-3 Airways VA Pilots to use the services of VATSIM, which has replaced SATCO, since they closed in early August of 2001. VATSIM provides real-time air traffic control as SATCO did in the past. DC-3 Airways is a VATSIM affiliate. Our pilots will fly under the call sign "Airways" and the VATSIM airline ID of "DCA." To participate in VATSIM, registered pilots must first download SquawkBox, a free software program. VATSIM Controllers communicate with pilots via text on the computer screen.

Those new to Online ATC should go to VATSIM's technical articles, VATSIM Instructions and then click on the "Get Started" menu item along the top of the screen.

R.C.S. Panels Roy Chaffin's R.C.S. Panels website carries so much news of interest that DC-3 Airways pilots should visit it often. Roy keeps very current on computer add-ons pertinent to Flight Simming and thoroughly evaluates those of interest. His recommendations of which peripherals are best can be trusted. His website offers a fine variety of freeware products, too.

MSFS Gateway

The MSFS Gateway Page is a recently discovered website that has been a God-send for me. It lists, describes and categorizes over 200 popular MS Flight-Simulator links, including most of my favorites. Gone are the frustrations of searching my out-of-control bookmarks to find the URL of a frequently-visited flight-sim website. But beyond that, I learned of other valuable websites worth a visit. Webmaster Tony Smith has personally visited every site, and they appear on his website only if he deems them valuable or interesting.  

Pilot's Assistant

Brian Tooby's Pilot's Assistant, an Excel Toolset, is a valuable companion for flight-simming. It's a freeware utility that deserves a look by all flight simmers. But, Brian also has an excellent resource on his website which links to hard-to-find sources of useful information. For example, here's the first item in his index of resources:

"Charts, Aeronautical Information, Weather, Flight Planning"

That sounds pretty pertinent. So, if you're looking for that elusive source of information for your flight-simming needs, give Brian's website a try.

The DC-3 Aviation Museum

The DC-3 Aviation Museum is another great web site that concentrates on the real DC-3, but it also has a flight-simulation section. They have a comprehensive collection of data, pictures, manuals, parts sources, stories, history, hangar flying, and reference sources. One favorite of mine is the listing of films that feature the DC-3. You'll also find a huge set of links there to sites with DC-3 offerings that might otherwise be hard to locate. This site's definitely worth frequent visits.

If you are interested in the "real" DC-3, then you should join their dc3notap e-mail forum. Click here to go to their subscribe page. The NOTAP Mailing List was created to spread information about the DC-3 / C-47 / R4D / Li-2 / Dakota, etc. Best of all, you don't have to log on to the forum every day for the latest information. Relevant DC-3 messages appear directly in your e-mail inbox. Some of the information in this VA website has come from DC-3 captains in that forum.

California Classic Airliner Page

Tom Gibson's California Classic Airliner Page is just that, a Classic. I visit Tom's website often, simply to find out what's happening in the world of prop-airliners, whether it be aircraft, panels, sounds, scenery, flight tips, or news. Not only is Tom's website jam-packed with valuable files and information pertaining to prop-liners, it's just plain interesting.

Better than the FAA Airport/Facility Directory

The Government prints a seven-volume Airport/Facility directory listing all public airports in the continental US, with descriptions, plus navaids.

The same sort of thing, but more inclusive, is available on-line, at It is an independent, free resource, with the same currency dates as the US Government publications. The on-line data is broken into three categories, Airport Information, Navaid Information, and Fix Information.

This is a great resource and I go to it almost every day for some sort of information. Once you've used it, you'll rely on it, too.

DC-3 Accident Reports The Aviation Safety Network website has an extensive database of accident reports involving all types of airliners. Only those accidents are listed in which the aircraft was damaged beyond repair. For the listing of DC-3 accident reports from 1945 on, go to Aviation Safety Net, DC-3.

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