Two Legendary Flights
Ski Canada and Shopper's Paradise

See the text on how to win bonus hours!

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DC-3 Airways introduces two legendary flights: In winter-time "Ski-Canada" brings New York area passengers to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto for some great skiing. In summer-time, the "Shopper's Paradise" delivers Canadian passengers to New York City for some incomparable Fifth-Avenue shopping. And one might find a celebrity or two on any one of these flights, too!

Chris Whisler, DCA-1462, has created the round-trip, radio-range routes for these golden-age flights. The flights in each direction include an intermediate stop in Burlington, Vermont to pick up mail. All flights are seven days a week so come and enjoy – there is no limit to the fun! The flight-information package is the usual great document that Chris has prepared for his other flights.













A Gourmet Breakfast follows the morning departure, complete with Columbian coffee. An eye-opener is available for those wishing a libation at breakfast time. The four-course evening meal, following a complimentary beverage service, is also a Gourmet delight. Two choices are available for each of the courses. Enjoy the beautiful night-time scenery on your return flight.



Correctly identify all of the celebrities, and add two-hours to PIREP time. Identify six for one-hour bonus. Only one entry allowed. See text for hints. Thanks to Ben Wang for permission to post his DC-3 cabin picture. Celebs by Chaz, mostly from Flickr.

Inspiration from the 2006 James Underwood passenger cabin which had cartoon celebs and which differed from those above.

Celebrity identity hints for the youngsters under age 70:

There are three rows, as you face the passengers: Celebs one to four are in the left row; five and six are in the center row, and seven and eight are in the right row.

Honor system when claiming bonus hours, please, and please don't post celeb names with your PIREPS.

1. Two of the celebrities are underpaid DCA members.

2. Rhett was his screen name in his most famous role.

3. She was the perfect Cleopatra.

4. When her very ample, mostly-clothed bosom first appeared in "The Outlaw" on the silver screen there was a major uproar.

5. The "Duke" was famous for his distinctive voice, walk and height.

6. Austrian-born, her nickname was "The Most Beautiful Woman In Films."

7. Leading man in Alfred Hitchcock's classsic 1959 thriller, "North by Northwest."

Click here for the identity of the celebrities.

* Note: Radio Range 4.0, file, is required to fly Ski-Canada. That file is available on and AVSIM.

* Be aware that includes a complete DC-3 aircraft and three panels. Those three panels allow you to choose how faithfully you wish to mimic the panels of the 1940s and 1950s.

* File functions properly only with fs9, hence Ski-Canada is not suitable for FSX.

Chris has included some interesting information in the documentation related to flights of this era. The documentation package also includes Flight details and .PLN files. Thanks again to Chris Whisler for a great recreation of Northwest's Trip-1. Thanks also to the entire Radio Range Team for their superb simulation of that navigation facility. Those team members are named in the readme file within

This is a great route to accumulate some Radio Range hours in a very enjoyable manner. PIREPS may be filed for each leg.