1937 TWA Sun Racer
Radio Range Flights from Newark to Los Angles

Download the Sun Racer flights here.

Sun Racer mapChris Whisler, DCA-1462, has gone to extraordinary lengths, and has worked on this route (on and off) for almost a year to produce a  faithful replication of the 1937 timetabled TWA Flight 1 "Sun Racer" from Newark, NJ to Los Angles, CA.

As usual with Chris he has provided a complete documentation package to properly fly the route using the Radio Range, including the appropriate Radio Range Approach Plates and PLN files. Timetable information is there with departure and arrival times for those who wish to fully duplicate the flight.

Chris has included three new airports, Camden Central Airport (KCAM), Transcontinental & Western Air Airport (KTWA) by Chris Whisler and Grand Central Air Terminal (GCAT) by Corey Dail - AKA Cpt Dail.

Click here for a full size map and other TWA information.

In the days of the DC-3 it was the copilot's responsibility to calculate the flight information, i.e., Wind Correction Angles, Ground Speeds, Estimated Times of Arrival, etc. If the weather was VFR, then that information plus taking note of various landmarks (Pilotage) was sufficient for the pilot to accurately fly from Point A to Point B.

When the weather was marginal or went sour, though, then the Radio Range provided the guidance needed to safely and accurately navigate the intended route.

Thanks again to Chris Whisler for an exceptional recreation of this United flight. Thanks also to the entire Radio Range Team for their superb simulation of that navigation facility. Those team members are named in the readme file within rr40.zip.

You will find the Sun Racer a joy to fly in the manner of the 1930s.