Download 121 Flights here.

Map of Brazil

Daniel Nole, DCA-116, has given us another great set of flights, this time in Brazil, until now a very under-represented country in DC-3 Airways' suite of routes. Daniel developed 121 Brazilian flights that range in length from 48 NM up to 1681 NM. All flights are suitable for the DC-3 and those greater than 225 NM can also be flown with the DC-4.

Besides the schedule, flight plans, and descriptions, the download file, also includes updated AFCAD2 files for most of the airports with reworked parking positions, taxiways, aprons, markings, etc.

These flights are principally for fs9, but many will also be suitable for earlier versions of Flight Simulator. The new scenery files are only suitable for fs9.

These flights add a new country to the DC-3 Airways scheduled routes. Brazil is a beautiful country with interesting and challenging terrain. Thanks, Daniel, for developing these flights for DC-3 Airways.