Download 132 Air Mail Flights here


Vintage Airmail Envelopes Commercial aviation got its wings through the pioneering spirit of the air mail and its pilots.

Regularly-scheduled air mail flights were in operation since 1918, but the routes were too short – there was no significant savings over trains. In time and from economic need longer routes flourished culminating in transcontinental routes.

Mark Thomas, DCA-338, has extensively researched US Air Mail routes. Here are sixteen of them comprising 132 flights that he created with official documents from the National Air and Space Museum.

More routes are forthcoming.

Don't look for VORs or FS Navigator plans here. Instead, Dead Reckoning and some NDBs will be your comfort. Use Real Weather to further enhance the realism.

These should be suitable for FS-98 through FS-2004. Please inform us if you note any differences.

Thanks Mark for these very enjoyable flights.