Frontier Airlines

Download 59 Flights from the 1950 Timetable here.

Frontier Airlines Route Map

Thanks to Ken Alger, DC3-1160, we now have 59 flights directly from the June 1, 1950, timetable of Frontier Airlines. At that time, Frontier had eight principal routes, most with six to eight flights per route. These VFR flights are offered in the same route structure as shown in the timetable.

All flights are in daylight hours except for a few early-morning departures. They range in length from 10 nm to 193 nm, just perfect for a DC-3. Since these flights are in the Rocky Mountain area anticipate a wide variety of airport elevations and some great scenery.

The documentation includes a website reference for those who wish to enhance their fs9 scenery files.

Frontier Airlines was officially born on June 1, 1950 when the new company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, acquired the certificates of three feeder carriers: Arizona Airways, Challenger Airlines and Monarch Airlines.

Enjoy the flights! They should be OK for FS2002 and later.