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Online Flying


Grigson, Hatcher, and Betts ... formation MP flight
A dozen or more pilots fly in most MP sessions.

Flight Simulator's Multiplayer feature allows many pilots to participate simultaneously in flight events. Best of all, MP pilots can see the aircraft of the other MP participants.


ATC Operator Position
In the real world of aviation ATC controls ALL airline flights regardless of the weather.

VATSIM provides the same Air Traffic Control functions for flight simmers, through an online Internet connection. This provides the ultimate in realism by connecting virtual Pilots with live virtual Air Traffic Controllers. The flights are in real weather.

Newcomers are referred to VATSIM section of our forum and also the  VATSIM Resources Page.

VATSIM can be flown after becoming a VATSIM member with the FSInn program.  Squarkbox 3 can also be used.  This is a free download from Squawkbox.

Now enjoy Flight Simulation truly "As Real As It Gets"

Voice Communications

Voice Communication
Whether you fly Multiplayer or VATSIM you should communicate by voice rather than with text and the keyboard.
This program is available for Voice Communication;
  • Team Speak ... version TS3 Client (Win) One of three options for FSINN

Team Speak Communication in Multiplayer Sessions

Team Speak is the official means of voice communication for use in Multiplayer sessions. TS2 is the latest version of this freeware program and has proven to be very reliable and almost free of speech packet loss.

Setting up TS can be found in the Multiplayer FAQ Forum.

For further information on Team Speak as used in DC-3 Airways MP sessions please email Glen Broome VP MP Coordinator glenishome@btopenworld.com

Microsoft ATC

Microsoft provides an ATC function in Flight Simulator. While it is not technically "Online" flying, it does provide a simplified form of Air Traffic Control which can be fun to fly. One may file either a VFR or IFR Flight Plan, or simply fly VFR and then request ATC while in flight.

Access the MS ATC feature either with the 'Scroll-Lock' key or by clicking the ATC Simicon on your panel. Pilots reply to ATC communication by typing a designated number on their keyboard.