Aer Lingus Routes
By Daniel Nolé

April 20 1952

Download the Aer Lingus timetables here.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus Timetable Apr 20, 1952 routes for DC-3 Airways.
66 Flights in Ireland, UK, Holland and France.

Included cargo services to London Northolt, Manchester Ringway, Liverpool Speke and Birmingham Elmdon.
Timetable cover only DC-3 flights. Already by Apr, 20 1952 was the sole type in service with Aer Lingus.

Although these flights specify departure and arrival runways in FSnav, please use the flight description as an illustration of the route only. As “Pilot-in-command”, your job is to deliver your passengers and cargo to their destination safely and on schedule. Utilize “Real-World” weather when available and modify your flight plan as required in response to weather conditions &/or VATSIM ATC.

Actual navaids and routes were utilised for build of this flight plans.

RouteAer Lingus DC-3s cover only DC-3 flights.

First four Viscounts were ordered in 1951 but declared operatives from Apr 1954.
From July 1, 1952, a small fleet of Bristol 170 Freighters started operations.
Cargo carried by this new aircrafts included also livestock.

A little of history

The first DC-3, a model DC-3-268B from Fokker was delivered in Apr 1940, a few weeks before the German invasion of Holland. This aircraft EI-ACA(CN 2178)was the sole DC-3 in the darks days of WWII and with a few Dragon Rapide and two Lockheed L.14(delivered just before the war) operated in the restricted network of Aer Lingus over the neutral Ireland.
Services to UK were curtailed with the sole route being to Liverpool or Barton Aerodrome Manchester depending on the fluctuating security situation.

On 9 November 1945, regular services were resumed with an inaugural flight to London.
London Heathrow was under construction and Aer Lingus like BEA and several other airlines used Northolt airfield. By 1952, only Aer Lingus and BEA served Northolt.