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See the USA

Circle the USA from New York, New York to Amarillo, Texas

This is a continuation of the 'See the USA' collection of flights by Charles Wood. It comprises 66 flights, 5489 NM total, which circles the United States through the central part of the nation. Like Part One, the route is confined to the lower 48 States thus Hawaii and Alaska are not included.

These flights are suitable for both FS2004 and FS2002, and should also be OK with Flight Simulator FSX, although they could not be tested since that version has not yet been released.

The flights follow the 1940 US Civil Airways routes. Leg lengths vary from 26 NM to 117 NM. Those who wish longer flights may simply combine flights.

The flights begin in New York City and end in Amarillo, Texas, after encircling the center part of the US and a return westward to Texas.

Pilots should fly these flights in VFR weather, only. The use of both 'Real Weather' and any appropriate scenery files will significantly enhance your enjoyment of these flights