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25 August 2004 Scott Laird
Allied Routes of the Second World War
1. The North West Staging Route from Edmonton (Alberta) to Fairbanks (Alaska).
2. The Alaska - Siberia Route from Fairbanks (Alaska) to Krasnoyarsk (Russia) in Western Siberia.
3. CANOL (Canadian Oil) pipeline route from Waterways (Alberta) to Norman Wells (NWT).
4. North Atlantic Air routes from the USA to Prestwick, UK via Canada, Greenland and Iceland.
5. South Atlantic Air Route from the USA to Cairo via the Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan
28 November 2004 John Lawler
Starting at Panama and ending at Buenos Aires, Argentina, a journey which crosses Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile with the "world's friendliest airline" - PANAGRA, including excursions into the high mountains, and finishing with a crossing of the Andes. About 4000nm in 9 legs. Featuring a difficult takeoff from a 13,116' long runway with no nearby obstructions.
17 March 2005 Bill Clark
KBOS to Sydney and return.
A charter from DCA's home base to the DC-4 Orientation & Transition courses location in Sydney. In the spirit of the conversion course the outward legs will be flown in a DC-3, whilst the return will be as the proud captain of a brand new DC-4
21 March 2005 Alex Saunders
Fly the DEW Line
A charter to fly the DEW line sites as a set of "re-supply" missions. Those arctic radar sites were served by a continual and regular re-supply operation.
21 March 2005 Alex Saunders
UK to Singapore
In 1961 Alex was an RCAF exchange officer (navigator) assigned to RAF Fighter Command (night fighters) flying Gloster Javelins. During his tour of duty he was assigned to a special flight tasked with ferrying Javelins from the UK to Singapore. Being a fighter the Javelin did not have an endurance much over 1hr 45mins so it took about 16 legs to travel the whole way over a two week period. The route would be Cambridge UK ->Istres France -> Malta -> El Adem Libya -> Nicosia Cyprus -> Dyargikhir Turkey -> Theran Iran -> Bahrain -> Sharjah (Persian Gulf) -> Masirah Oman -> Karachi East Pakistan -> Delhi India -> Varanassi India -> Calcutta India -> Rangoon Myanmar -> Bangkok Thailand -> Butterworth Malaysia -> Singapore
31 March 2005 Gary Milera
Sydney to Vancouver by DC-4
The inaugural flight for the Trans Pacific Airline service for BCPA (British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines) departed from Sydney Australia on the 15th September 1946 in a DC-4 and flew to Vancouver via Nadi, Canton Is, Honolulu and San Francisco (Oakland).
4 January 2006 John Lawler "The Marco Polo Route" flown by Ariana's DC-4s in the 50's from Frankfurt to Kabul.
4 January 2006 John Lawler "Indian Night Mail" - this is four there-and-back night flights (about 3-4 hours each for the DC-3) to/from a central hub, rather than a single route. The Indian Post Office invented hub operations in 1949. Flyable by DC-3 or DC-4.
4 January 2006 John Lawler "Accession I" and "Accession II" (working titles only) - #1 for DC-3, #2 for DC-4, (the original flights were by an DC-3 and an Argonaut (but I'll use the DC-4). A VVIP flight from East Africa to England in February 1952. Will include a small AFCAD2 file to provide a flarepath at one airport (they flew the lighting in on a Lockheed 14, but that will be a "behind the scenes" flight).
27 January 2006 Thomas Easterday A charter to complement Roger Knott's New Zealand to Alaska set of flights. This charter will cover the western "ring of fire", from Sitka, Alaska (where Roger's charter ended) to Terra del Fuego at the tip of South America.
1 November 2006 Jack Waldron
Nevada Air
The basis of the charter would be preliminary flights along potential routes to see the feasibility for a small fictional regional airline in the state of Nevada. Flights would be Reno to Winnemucca to Elko to Wendover to Salt Lake City, Reno to Austin to Ely to Wendover, and Las Vegas to Pioche to Tonopah and then to Reno.
19 December 2006 Thomas Easterday
The Long Way Round
The DC-4 charter will start at Santa Monica (birthplace of the DC-4) and follow the coastlines of the major continents, i.e., up the west coast of the US and Canada, then down the east coast of Russia and Asia, around the south of Australia then up through Indonesia, around India, Africa and up to England, then Greenland, etc. back down around the eastern N and S American continents to end up flying north back to Santa Monica. Essentially outlining earth's landmass.
28 May 2009 Norm Holman
The North West Passage
After the initial flight from home base Boston to St Johns, we travel up the Coast of Labrador, then across the Hudson Straight to Baffin Island, staying on the right side of the island all the way to the top, entering the Arctic Circle along the way.

We then turn left into Lancaster Sound, travel along Viscount Melville Sound and part of the McClure Straight, then between Banks and Victoria islands into the Amundsen Gulf to Sachs Harbour, then to Prudhoe Bay which concludes this part of the NW Passage