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From Arica, (SCAR) to Punta Arenas (SCCI)

Map of Chile
South America is the boot of the Americas and Chile was known in the past as the shoestring of South America because Chile is a long and narrow strip (2,700 miles long and 150 miles at it widest point) between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Andes Mountain range. The north section of the country is all deserts and begins to get green towards the center, then forests towards the south and icy at the Antarctic.

Many of the airports are quite removed from the towns and serve the surrounding mining industry. In real life I have landed at some of the fields in this Charter and when no one is there to greet you, it is you, the aircraft, and a lot of desert. Another real life bit of info is that flying across the Atacama Desert between noon and 4 pm, is like riding in a cocktail shaker (severe turbulence!).

These 15 flights will take you the whole length of Chile crisscrossing the country between the Pacific and the Andes. To learn more about Chile’s geography follow this link.