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Scenery Links and Downloads

Here is the DCA Passenger Terminal, located across the tarmac from the DCA Hangar at Boston Airport, KBOS.

DCA passenger terminal at Boston Logan airport

Click here to download the hangar and passenger terminal for KBOS. This file also includes 75 DCA hangars for other airports which you may optionally install. Full installation instructions are included.  Note this is for FS9 only.

We solicit links to other scenery files that you have either personally installed or are aware of that might enhance the DCA flight realism. Click here for instructions on submitting scenery links.

We will post images and links below for your consideration.

Sitka Airport, Sitka, Alaska

Over the years Dave Arnold, DCA-520, grew weary of Microsoft's inaccurate representation of his home field in Sitka, Alaska. So he took some photos of the field and Al Gay created new scenery files that properly depict Sitka as a modern, commercial airport. The picture above shows the results.

Download the new Sitka, Alaska airport files here.

This new scenery will replace all of the stock buildings on the airfield at Sitka, Alaska (PASI). Thanks to Dave Arnold for his input for this project. It could not have happened without his great photos and the airfield layout that he sent. All of the new buildings and textures were made from these photos to make them look as they are today.

Thanks also to Mike Stanton, DCA-702, for his contributions as well. With his AFCAD work additional parking spaces are now available at Sitka and arriving jets can pull up to the Jetway to park. Mike also developed AFCAD Traffic files to put Company DC-3s at each of the stops on Dave Arnold's Alaska Adventure Charter. These, as well as some DC-3 Airways scenery, is all provided if you download the DC-3 Airways hangar file from the link at the top of this page.