Flag used on the H-CAA DC-3 Tail

Hunting Clan African Airways (1959)

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HC-AA DC-3 on the Ramp at Salisbury International 1959.

 Ralph Connell, DCA-2046, has produced a wonderful set of flights across Africa that replicate the Hunting - Clan African Airways schedule of 1959.

Ralph has meticulously researched Hunting-Clan Airways, and the download contains a fascinating history of the company, and some nostalgic photographs, one of which is of a very angry looking bull being loaded into a DC-3.

You will find 24 flights covering nearly 5,000 miles, with sectors varying between 69 and 496 miles.















Hunting - Clan African Airways Time Table 1959. 



H-CAA was the African arm of Hunting-Clan Airways. The roots of the company go back to 1st January 1946 when Hunting Air Travel (HAT) was founded by three members of the Hunting Family, one of which was a member of the Royal Flying Corps in WW 1. Although a wholly independent British airline, it was actually part of the Hunting Group of companies, which had emerged from the shipping industry, dating back to the 19th Century.

The map, taken from the timetable for 1959 clearly shows the routes that you will be flying and the longer range routes to the UK, Central and Eastern Africa. Most of these routes carried passengers, others Cargo and often, both, serving the mines of the Copper Belt, which at the time were flourishing and the large agricultural economy of the area. All of these routes were flown by the versatile and rugged DC-3 Aircraft.