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A Second Indonesian Schedule

From Jakarta, (WIIH) to Palembang (WIPP)

In 1953 John Velenturf was a young pilot in his early twenties flying for the airline Garuda Indonesian Airways. The aircraft was the DC-3. The eight flights depicted in this charter were actual flights John made during the month of December 1953, and are as accurate as possible within the constraints of flight simulation.

The image is the page from John's log book which he used as a guide when constructing the flights.

"A Second Indonesian Schedule" by John Velenturf was the result of several months work between John and myself, and was completed in February 2008. Very sadly communications with John were then completely lost after I received a very brief email from him telling me he had been seriously ill. I have waited until now in the hope he would resume his association with myself and with DC-3 Airways, but I now have to accept that this may be unlikely. It is with this in mind, and in John Velenturf's honour, that we have chosen to publish John's charter, which includes eight flights regularly made by John while employed as a pilot with Garuda Indonesian Airways - enjoy.

Norman Hancock.