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Pilot Manuals

We are deeply indebted to Scott Clarke and George Lewis of Delta Virtual Airlines who have very generously offered to share their pilot manuals with the pilots of DC-3 Airways. A special mention and a Thank You must be made to our own 0026 Bob Welch, who is also a member of Delta Virtual Airlines, for negotiating their use on our behalf.

The files may be downloaded by right clicking on 'here' and selecting "Save Target As". Please be aware though that by downloading these files, it is under the strict understanding that they are for the personal use of DC-3 Airways pilots, and under no circumstances will be divulged to anyone who isn’t a member of DC-3 Airways.

The manuals have understandably been written specifically for Delta Virtual Airlines in relation to their VATSIM activities, but will also be extremely educational to our own pilots who wish to learn the correct way of flying under VATSIM conditions. Even if you are not involved in the DC-3 Airways VATSIM Division, the comprehensive manuals will make for very interesting reading, and perhaps entice you into taking the step into enjoying flying under virtual real world conditions. There is more information available in the VATSIM section of the DC-3 Airways forum.

ATC Guide … here
How to read charts … Removed
Navigation Manual …here

Norm Hancock