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1953 Air France Route Map

Air France Route Map


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George Blundell-Pound has produced yet another set of fabulous routes, this time for Air France.

These schedules for both DC-3’s and DC-4’s date from their timetables on the 19th April 1953. By then Air France had already started to replace DC-3’s with DC-4’s in Europe, but they were still operating quite a number of routes, notably those in the French speaking areas overseas such as the Caribbean, West Africa and Madagascar. The DC-4 itself was also giving way to the larger and pressurised Lockheed Constellation particularly on the transatlantic routes to the USA.

I hope you will find that this schedule is representative of Air France’s varied and truly extensive routes and those of its DC-3/DC4 operations. For each section of the flight descriptions I have shown the extract of the relevant part of the timetable and then highlighted which are DC-3 and DC-4 routes. I have omitted those routes operated by other aircraft like the Constellation, Languedoc and the mighty Deux Ponts. I hope you will enjoy flying them as much as I did in creating them. I have really enjoyed doing the research into this great French airline and its long history in aviation. I welcome any suggestions that you think might improve this schedule and if you encounter any mistakes or anomalies please let me know and I’ll correct them as soon as I can.

Often the spark that starts the research into a historic airline schedules comes from the timetables to be found of the Timetable Images web-site of Bjorn Larsson and David Zekria, and that was true in this case, so my thanks to them. Finally within DC-3 Airways, my particular thanks to Norman Hancock (DCA 134) for his continuing support and Max Johnson (DCA 878) whose format I have yet again borrowed!