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DC-3 Airways Custom Service

Seating Plan - DC-3 Airways Custom ServiceDC-3 Airways Custom ServiceWe hope that you enjoy DC-3 Airways' very special "Custom Service." No other airline offers these first-class amenities at coach fares:

  • Deep-cushioned, reclining chairs.
  • Meals prepared by world-renown chefs.
  • Complimentary beverages including the finest-label wines.
  • Wine and cheese baskets served in-between meal-times. (Sorry, not available on morning flights).
  • Breakfast eggs cooked to order right on board and served to you piping hot on heated plates.
  • Hot towels to refresh before and after meals.
  • No wonder so many customers insist on DC-3 Airways when their plans call for air travel. Shouldn't you, too?

    Nostalgia Airways Seating
    Plan, courtesy Far Horizons.