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Cargo Charter

From Opa Locka, Florida (KOPF) to Nassau (MYNN) and return

Both of the Atlantic Air Cargo planes are down at the same time, one for an engine overhaul, and the other to repair damage caused by a fuel truck hitting the fuselage. Julio and Robert Castrillo really need your help to deliver a much needed load of supplies. So, come fly your DC3 from Florida to the Bahamas, carrying everything from Newspapers to furniture, to groceries, to beer, to clothes, to tools, everything that people have to have to live day to day; and when the flight is done, and the cargo is unloaded, take a break in the beautiful sunny Bahamas, swim, fish, and enjoy some fine dining in the many local restaurants before you have to get Ready for the return flight, which is usually empty, unless there are some return goods.