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WARNING: The majority of the llinks on this page are outdated at best, but most likey dead links. Updates are in progress. Download and use any files AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1940 Airway Route system flown by airlines in the US. Large graphics in file.

Adobe Acrobat Reader -- needed to print pdf files.

AI DC-3 for MP

AIY-VOR-R11 approach plate for flight #2020.

Approach Plates, Worldwide

Approach Plates for all Mid Atlantic States Routes

Approach Plates, for all New England Routes in gif format.

Approach Plates, for all New England Routes, in MS Word Format.

Approach Plates, for all Type-Rating Flights, in MS Word Format.

ATC DCA Voicepack ... change MS ATC ID to DC-3 Airways and your pilot number

Charter Flight Plan Template

CON-NDB-R35 approach plate for flight #1100.

DC-3 Sounds. Trev Morson's FS2000 DC-3 sound files

DC-4 Checklist: quick and dirty by John Achor

DCA-RIVER-R18 VFR approach plate for flight #2001. FS98 and FS2000

DCA-RIVER-R19 VFR approach plate for flight #2001. FS2002 and FS2004

Flight Instructor's Guide - DC-3 Type Rating

Flight Planning Worksheet.

Flight Plans, Familiarization flights

FS-2002 DC-3 Splash Screen

FS9 Refurbished DC-3 Panel Bitmap, by Andy Hatcher.

FS9 upgrade to FS9.1 file

FS9.1 no cd required


FSNavigator Database, Freeware for FS-2000.

FSX setup document

FSUIPC.dll ... Peter Dowson's famous FS Support Program

Graphics viewer - IrfanView ... freeware program for printing Approach Plates, Charts, and other graphics

Hangers for KBOS - FS9 only

Hangers for Maintenance Department (FS9)

Hangers for Maintenance Department (FSX)

How to fly the DC-3, Flight Instructions

KBOS-LOC-R15R approach plate for flight #1128

KBVY-LOC-R16 approach plate for flight #1021

KBWI-CAT2-R10 approach plate for flight #2017

KILG-VOR-R27 approach plate for flight #2004

KORH-NDB-R29 approach plate for flight #1096.

LEW-NDB-R04 approach plate for flight #1103

LM-06 Updated FSNavigator file, effective 29-Apr-01.

MAAM-SIM DC-3 Passenger Repaint by Mark Beaumont
MAAM-SIM DC-3 Freight Repaint by Mark Beaumont
MAAM-SIM DXT3 Version Textures by Mark Beaumont

Mini-Panel, DCA FS2002

Morse Code.  Fred Young, DCA 1787, many years ago
created a unique method of teaching the Morse Code to his students
which allowed them to quickly and easily learn a way of
communicating which even today is still very popular with Amateur
Radio Enthusiasts.

MPV-VOR-R35 approach plate for flights #1113 and 1125.

MS Word Viewer ... Free program by MS to read Word Documents

Multi Monitors Setup by Ray Grigson, MP Coordinator

N1776 Manual for Company DC-3s with training panels

Nav Light Mod for FS2002 N1776

New England Schedule, Regrouped into flights of 2 to 4 legs. Thanks to John Achor

OWD-LOC-R35 approach plate for flight #1028

Payload Manager

PIREP and Pilot Log Spreadsheet, Automated, by TechEd John Achor

R4D Instrument Panel drawings with callouts

R4D Instrument Panel drawings with callouts (Print version)

RDG-NDB-R36 approach plate for flight #2012

SFM-VOR-R25 approach plate for flight #1105

Sounds for DCA FS2002 DC-3s

Splashscreens ... 30 interesting DCA DC-3 screenshots by Mark Beaumont (FS9 only)

Training Panel 2k4 upgrade. For those who downloaded the FS2004 Training panel before 17 Sept 2003 only

UK Instrument Approach Plates

Virtual Control Console by James Lamitie.
Consists of a Panel Designer, Launcher and Viewer. The Panel
Designer creates new or edits existing profiles to be used by the
Launcher and Viewer. The Launcher is used to load existing profiles
into the Viewer. Lastly, the Viewer displays existing profiles
loaded by the Launcher and allows the pilot to interact with the
flight simulator software.

Weight and Balance Calculator, FS2000 and FS2002.

WinZip, Version 8.0

WTC (World Trade Center) scenery patch from Microsoft which removes the Twin Towers from the NY scenery file. Self-executing and self-installing. (FS2000)

WWD-LOC-R19 approach plate for flight #2067