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Free Flights

Towards the end of 2007 DC-3 Airways introduced the very popular concept of 'Free Flight'. This meant that as well as having the option of claiming flight hours for all the other forms of flight credit, you may now create and fly your own flight plan between any two airports in the world.

To submit a Pirep after making a Free Flight all you need to do is include the ICAO codes for the departure and arrival airports. If a flight is broken into legs, the ICAO code for the stop, or stops made during a flight do not have to be recorded but you may optionally mention this in the Comments section when reporting the flight. An example of a Free Flight PIREP is shown below...

Pilot #: 0393

Name: Robert Betts

Flight Number: KVPZ-KIND

Minutes Flown: 51

Comments: Valparaiso, IN to Indianapolis, IN
FS9 ATC - IFR @ 5000 ft

As with all other flights, they should normally be flown with Flight Simulator set at the default simulation rate of 1.0. On very long flights such as Trans Atlantic crossings it is permissible to increase the simulation rate. Honesty must prevail here and only the ACTUAL time taken must be reported for credit. The fact that increased rate simulation has been used should then be stated in the Comments section to avoid confusion.