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Twenty nine DC–3 Flights in the Papua New Guinea region

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Air Niugini Route Map

Papua New Guinea lies in the South Pacific, 100 miles (160km) north of Australia. The mainland and larger islands are mountainous and rugged, divided by large fertile upland valleys. Its capital is Port Moresby.

Air Niugini, the national carrier of Papua New Guinea, inaugurated service on the 1st of November 1973 from Port Moresby. Its DC-3 fleet numbered two. It ultimately built up to twelve DC-3s but the life of that fleet was short. The last DC-3 flew on the 1st of August 1976.

July 2, 1937. Lae, Papua New Guinea, earned a bit of notoriety when Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan left for the longest and most difficult leg of their attempt to circle the earth in an L10E Lockheed Electra. It was 2200 miles to tiny Howland Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They never arrived there.

Air Niugini DC-3

Air Niugini DC-3
Note the Cargo Door on this converted C-47 aircraft.

Ken Alger, DCA-1160, prepared a great set of flights under the Air Niugini flag for DC-3 Airways. He derived these flights from authentic vintage timetables and route maps for that era. Even the flight-numbering is accurate. In addition to the usual flight descriptions and PLN files found in his included documentation package, Ken also created actual images of the routes using Google Earth plus provided interesting historical information to enhance your knowledge of Air Niugini. Lastly, Ken has recommended some scenery upgrade files for those looking for the ultimate experience.

Papua New Guinea's varied terrain of rugged mountains, plains, and open water provides a great scenery experience, too. The 29 flights (58 if flown in both directions) range from 29 nm to 352 nm in length. These flights are suitable for both fs9 and FSX simulators. Thanks, Ken, for a terrific piece of work.