Iberia Air Routes
By Daniel Nolé

April 15 1951

Download the Iberia timetables here.

Iberia timetable

A set of national and International flights of DC-3 Airways with Iberia. Timetable of Apr 15, 1951.

Although these flights specify departure and arrival runways in FSnav, please use the flight description as an illustration of the route only.

As “Pilot-in-command”, your job is to deliver your passengers and cargo to their destination safely and on schedule. Utilize “Real-World” weather when available and modify your flight plan as required in response to weather conditions &/or VATSIM ATC.

Actual navaids and routes were utilised for build of this flight plans.

Routes cover only DC-3 and DC-4 flights. Not included Junkers Ju 52 and D.H.Dragon Rapide.

Last DC-2s were retired in 1946.