Swiss Air Routes
By Daniel Nolé

April 15 1951

Download the Swiss Air timetables here.

Swiss Air timetable

A set of national and International flights of DC-3 Airways with Swiss Air Lines timetable of Apr 15, 1951.

Airport Zürich Kloten was inaugurated as base of operations in 1948.

Routes cover only DC-3 and DC-4 flights. No Convairs or others types.

Swiss Air Lines DC-3s replaced and complement DC-2s fleet(1934 to 1952) and were in service from 1937 to 1969. DC-3s allowed Swiss Air Lines to introduce in 1937 a new nonstop Zürich-London route.

Swiss Air DC-3The first Swiss Air Lines DC-3 was delivered from Fokker on Jun 10, 1937. The price: 527,000 Swiss Francs. This aircraft, DC-3-216 HB-IRA(CN 1945)after a long career was retired in 1955 and sold to Ozark. With this operator flew first under the registration N2815D and then N141D.

Other three aircrafts were also sold to Ozark in 1955. HR-IRE(CN 2121)became N2818D (after N144D), HB-IRI(CN 1946) became N2816D (after N142D) and HB-IRO(CN 2054) became N2817D (after N143D).

All this four aircrafts were Fokker´s models builded in 1937-1939, types DC-3-216 (HB-IRA and HB-IRI),DC-3-276 (HB-IRE) and DC-3-227A (HB-IRO).

The 5th and last Fokker DC-3 delivered was HB-IRU (CN 2132). This aircraft was not so lucky. Sold to the Swedish Airlines ABA in 1940, registered as SE-BAG , was shot down by a Luftwaffe JU 88 on Oct 22, 1943. Only two of the 15 persons onboard survived.

This four DC-3s were the complete fleet of Swiss Air Lines by the darks days of WWII.

By 1946-1947 new aircrafts arrived.

HB-IRB (CN 42969), ex N34973, was one of the two new builded by Douglas DC-3D received. Was sold in 1962 to Norway. HB-IRC (CN 42978), ex NC34982 flew until 1964. Then, retired, was sold in 1969 to South Africa.

The other aircrafts delivered in 1946-1947 were wartime C-47Bs and registered as HB-IRD, HB-IRF, HB-IRG, HB-IRL, HB-IRM, HB-IRN and HB-IRX. Prices about this times for this aircrafts was by the 283,000 CHF/piece. The most expensive was the HB-IRD and the airline pay CHF 600,000 for him.

On Sep 1947 another C-47B (CN 20737) integrated the fleet as HB-IRK. This aircraft had a tragic end. In 1957 went into a spin and crashed into the waters of Lake Constance leaving no survivors.

Last ,one A (C-47A )was leased temporally from Aug 24, 1951 to Sep 26, 1952. This aircraft, HB-IRH (42-93558 or RAF KG666)was returned to Ethiopian Airlines this year of 1952 and re-registered with his old registration ET-T-15.