DC-3 Airways World Rally 2020

How to Register

Thank you for your interest in entering the DC-3 Virtual Airways World Rally for 2020.  To join the rally kindly enter your personal details in an email and send it to wr2020@xs4all.nl.  The details we require are:

  • Full name: (f.i. John Smith)
  • Virtual airline (only if a member of one):
  • Country (State if in USA, Province if in Canada):
  • Email address (only if different than the one used in your join email):

We will reply to you as soon as possible with an email that will include your World Rally pilot number and your last name. We will also add your WR Forum login details including a temporary password. You may change this to any of your own choosing after successfully logging in to the forum.

Please take a moment to check that your details are correct before sending the email. If after sending it you do find you have made an error, do not re-send your details as you may then find you have been entered into the World Rally twice. Instead, send an email to wr2020@xs4all.nl explaining the situation and we will sort it out for you.

If after two days from submitting your entry you have not received an email with your World Rally details please email us at the above email address with a short explanation and again we will do our best to sort the matter out.