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DC-3 Airways World Tour 2023

As always and for the good of everyone there has to be a set of guidelines. The tour is open to everyone throughout the world who is interested in virtual flight. Please take the time to read the guidelines, and if you are willing to abide by them and still wish to join the DC-3 Airways World Tour 2023 we extend a very warm welcome…

1) The tour is all about one type of aircraft, the Douglas DC-3. During the tour you MUST fly a Douglas DC-3. This can be any model or variation of the Douglas DC-3. A model for FSX and P3D that is much used is the C-47 by Manfred Jahn to be found at Sim-Outhouse Based on the same plane a similar C-47 (AWXDC3.zip) is available for X-Plane: X-Plane. A freeware DC3 for MSFS is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. To get some idea about how to fly a DC3 see this link to our website: How to Fly a DC-3 in Flight Sim X.

2) The tour is not a competition! The flights are there purely to enjoy. We do however have a recording system which will allow you to keep track of your performance, and which will also allow you to compare your performance with other tour members.

3) The tour has been created to offer a fairly demanding but hopefully enjoyable series of flights. A knowledge and skill set for navigating, flying and handling the DC-3 is a necessary requirement to successfully complete the tour.

4) English is the common language we will use throughout the event. All communications whether by email or when placing a post in the forum must abide by this guideline.

5) There must be no flaming, bad language (in ANY language), inconsiderate or inappropriate behaviour during any aspect of the tour. For the duration of the tour it is necessary to have an ‘open’ forum which of course will leave us open to possible interference. The forum will be constantly monitored and any forum posts that are considered inappropriate will be removed.

6) The senior World Tour Staff reserves the right at any time to remove any person from the tour who by their inconsiderate behaviour in whatever form detracts from the enjoyment of other tour members.

7) The tour consists of ten flights which have been created by volunteers from the staff and members of DC-3 Airways and which have been tested for viability and accuracy by World Tour staff. Each scheduled flight has been given a time slot of three days with the first flight commencing on October 1st. It is hoped that pilots will be able to complete the flights at the expected times. We realise however that due to various constraints, not everyone will be able to fly each flight and submit their PIREP within the expected period. For this reason we have a very relaxed PIREP procedure whereby once the flights have been posted and available for tour members to enjoy, they can be flown in any order as many times as is wished.

VERY IMPORTANT: only ONE PIREP may be submitted for each flight, and the PIREPs must be POSTED within 5 days after the start date of a flight. For example, for the flight published on October 1st, the last day to file a PIREP is October 5th. More information on this subject is available on the PIREPS page.

8) During the event you may post as many screenshots as you wish of your good, very good, and even bad moments you experience during the tour. Instructions on how to post screenshots is available in the World Tour screenshots section of the forum.

9) Finally, not everyone enjoys flying on their own, so those tour members who enjoy their flying in Multiplayer or on VATSIM are welcome to do so.

After all the dire warnings we hope you will still wish to join us to enjoy the DC-3 Virtual Airways World Tour 2023. If you need advice or have any queries, a post on the forum or an email to any of the World Tour Staff will very soon receive a reply. We sincerely hope you will enjoy DC-3 Airways World Tour 2023.

Andy Hatcher
DC-3 Airways Virtual Airline