DC-3 Airways

DC-3 Airways

DC-3 Airways World Rally 2022

Filing a PIREP

For authenticity you may taxi from parking to the active, and you may taxi to the terminal at the end of rollout, but the time to do this must not be included in the flight time.

Flight Time should be recorded from wheels rolling on take-off to wheels stopped at the end of the landing roll. There are two ways to calculate the time (in total minutes and seconds) of the flight. The first way is to use a timer that will pause and resume in sync with the system clock. The timer should be reset to 00:00:00 then started at the beginning of the take-off roll and stopped at the end of the landing roll. Calculate total minutes of the flight by converting the hours to minutes by multiplying by 60 and add to the minutes (disregard seconds). Example: 1 hr 17 min = (1 * 60) + 17 = 77 min.
The seconds should be converted in digital seconds. Example 32 sec = 32/60 = 0.53 (only use 2 digits after the .) So a flight time of 1 hr 17 min and 32 sec = 77.53.

A single WR Flight Report (PIREP) for each of the 10 WR flights should be submitted as it is completed. This PIREP must be sent as an email to pirep@kpnmail.nl with the flight data appearing in the subject line of the email. It is important that the flight data be entered on the subject line as numbers in the following format and using a single space for separation:

Flight Data = F P M where:

F = WR Flight Number - Adding a leading zero when necessary to make TWO digits.
      Examples: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

P = WR Pilot Number - Adding a leading zero when necessary to make THREE digits.
      Examples: 003 027 114
M = Total Flight Time - Whole Minutes and digital seconds.
      Examples: 96.57 122.45

Here are some examples of correctly formatted flight reports:

01 003 97.34
06 024 112.06
10 136 49.50

Feel free to add comments in the message body of a flight report.
PIREPS will be accepted till 5 days after the start-date of a particular flight.