DC-3 Virtual Airways World Rally 2020

Flight Reporting Dates

All flights should be reported between the following dates;

Flight Number

Start Date

End Date

Flight 01

03 October

08 October

Flight 02

06 October

11 October

Flight 03

09 October

14 October

Flight 04

12 October

17 October

Flight 05

15 October

20 October

Flight 06

18 October

23 October

Flight 07

21 October

26 October

Flight 08

24 October

29 October

Flight 09

27 October

01 November

Flight 10

30 October

04 November

The flights should be flown between the following dates;

Each scheduled flight has been given a time slot of three days with the first flight commencing on the 3rd of October 2020. It is hoped that pilots will be able to complete the flights within the designated periods, but we realise however that for various reasons not everyone will be able to fly each flight and submit their PIREP within the designated period. For this reason we have a very relaxed PIREP procedure whereby once the flights have been posted and available for rally members to enjoy, they may be flown in any order as many times as is wished. Very important, only ONE PIREP may be submitted for each flight. If you want your PIREP to be included in the "Averages" calculations, the PIREP for each flight must be received before midnight UTC on the closing date for each flight. Whatever your choice, the very final PIREP must be submitted before midnight UTC on the 5th of November, to be included in the final World Rally 2020 calculations. More information on this subject is available on the PIREPS page.