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DC-3 Airways World Rally 2022

Thank you for visiting DC-3 Airways and welcome to the DC-3 Virtual Airways World Rally 2022, which will begin on October 1st. We are again offering a selection of ten interesting and challenging flights from around the world to be flown in a DC3/C-47. The rally will be spread over thirty days giving each pilot a three day 'slot' in which to fly each flight. More details on when each flight may be flown are given in the World Rally Rules.

The vast majority of navigation is via NDB and VOR, but there is also a considerable amount of navigation by dead reckoning and maps. The goal is to have fun flying a DC3/C-47. But to add more challenge, each flight has a calculated flight time that can be reached using the correct average climb, cruise, decent and approach speed. Some flights are more challenging by the addition of specific weather.

Adverse winds and weather are an enemy of this form of navigation, but help is at hand in the form of the E6-B calculator. Professional pilots are well aware of this wonderful tool and how best to utilise it. If you don't already possess an E6-B, a freeware electronic version is available on the internet. If you are serious about navigation, take time to learn how to use this tool and your navigational accuracy will be extremely rewarding.

Online E6B Computer

The menu gives you a series of self-explanatory buttons which will link you to the various pages of the DC-3 Virtual Airways World Rally 2022 web site. The first area you are advised to visit is the Rules page. If you are willing to abide by the few simple rules and wish to join us for the World Rally your next action is to register and enjoy!

If after the rally you feel that you have enjoyed yourself, learned something new, or refreshed a few long forgotten skills, our aim will have amply been achieved. And, if you like the experience, please feel free to sign on as a pilot for DC-3 Airways.

On behalf of the hard working staff and members of DC-3 Airways I sincerely hope you will enjoy our World Rally.

Andy Hatcher
DC-3 Airways Virtual Airline