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East Coast Flyer

From Maiami, (KOPF) to Buenos Aires (SABE)

Pan Am DC-4

In the 1940’s, PANAM merged with W.R.Grace Airways to form Pan American Grace Airways (PANAGRA)

The founder and CEO of PANAM, Juan Trippe, came to an agreement with PANAGRA that PANAM would service the East Coast of S.America and this included the Caribbean and that PANAGRA would service the West Coast of South America.

Due to a shortage of Aircraft, DC3 Airways have been chartered to assist PANAM with DC4 Flights down the East Coast of South America. Departure will be from Miami’s Opa Locka Terminal which was the main Airport at that point in time.

A timetable from that era has been found and is included. We will be flying Flt 201 to Puerto Rico, then Trinidad, then Belem-Recife-Rio de Janeiro-Porto Alegre in Brazil and finally to Buenos Aires in Argentina which took four days to complete.