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Berlin Airlift Series 6

1 February - 29 March 2022


On 1 February, 2022, the 6th series of the Berlin airlift as recreated by DC-3 Airways will commence at 19.00GMT (14.00 EST) and continue through the 29th of March. Please keep in mind that the Spring time changes will be occurring during the series (14 March for the US), so watch your clocks and make note of the session times. This series of multiplayer sessions will follow the chronology of the 1948/49 Berlin airlift, following the same approach procedures and the same routes used to supply the population of Western Berlin following the imposition of the Soviet blockade in June 1948.

As many of the original airfields as possible will be used, sometimes in fog or thunderstorms, sometimes at night. Other airfields that are no longer in existence have been recreated as faithfully as possible and are icluded in the download packages below. In sessions involving perhaps 20+ pilots we will adhere as far as possible to the conditions and events of that period. Active Sky, Swift, or any other real-time weather should be avoided. Start-up conditions will be provided either by start-up files or pre-session instructions in order to best reflect the conditions experienced during the actual operation.

Much of the scenery that is now available creates new airfields in near photographic quality, such as EDUG Gatow and airfields in other cases are realistically rendered both in terms of buildings and runways/aprons/taxiways. For those of you who participated before, the challenge is the same. For those of you new to DC3 Airways and multiplayer in particular ... welcome ... you will experience flight simming to a new level in this series both as regards traffic, approaches and weather. It is also a means to commemorate the events and the dedication of all those involved in keeping Berlin free in the troubled times post WWII.

Here are the necessary files:

Image of Airlift Fields and Routes Document
Images, files, and scenery necessary for FSX and FSX-SE
Images, files and scenery raleted to Prepar3d v4-v5 Simulators
Includes files for FSX/P3D, including NDB's
EDUG scenery files for all sims except X-Plane
Images, files and scenery related to X-Plane 11
All flight plans in Little NavMap format. Plans may be individually exported to your sim.

Screenshots, Photos, and Videos

Historical Videos, Documentaries, and Newscasts curated by Glen Broome