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"Stock" FSX Panels

This is Norman Hancock's day panel featuring standard Gyro Heading instrumentation. The panel layout is similar to his earlier fs9 panel but now includes by popular demand, a Radio Altitude gauge. The panel can optionally display digital readouts which are currently being displayed.

Norman Hancock FSX Gyro Panel - day

 This FSX panel night view is also by Norman Hancock. It replaces the Gyro Heading Indicator and VOR-1 with a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). Like the Gyro panel, digital readouts can also be optionally displayed.

Norman Hancock FSX HSI Panel - night

Both panels shown are in a single download file, which also includes the DC-3 aircraft. Here are additional features common to both aircraft/panel combinations:

  • A complete DC-3 aircraft and two panels.
  • An updated radio stack with all readings visible without pop-ups.
  • Choose Optional Digital Readouts while in flight.
  • Over two-dozen flight-dynamics improvements by Beaumont and Bitzer.
  • Brightened up, readable gauges with a more realistic night panel.
  • Four Fuel Tank Modification.
  • Correct DC-3 Auto-Mixture.
  • Descent Calculator.
  • Fuel Flow Meter.
  • Bona fide E6-B with Quick Start Guide.
  • DCA Textures by Mark Beaumont.
  • And much more.

Download the aircraft and FSX panels.

While the installation is simple, you MUST read the panel Readme file for important information.

If you encounter problems editing or creating panels, please post your questions on the Forum so that others may see the answers, too.

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