DC-3 Airways Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a pilot with DC-3 Airways!
Please thoroughly read the information below, then click the green button to apply.

1) Before you can enjoy all of the goodies described above, and without exception, within TWO MONTHS of enlisting as a member of DCA, you must complete what are termed the "DC-3 Type Rating Flights". The flights themselves can easily be flown within four hours, so it isn't unreasonable to expect that they be flown and reported within two months of enlistment. Please don't be alarmed at being asked to fly the Type Rating Flights, but our own experience has taught us that a pilot possessing the essential knowledge gained from partaking in these flights will then have the experience to greater enjoy all that DC-3 Airways offers. The flights are simply a series of six very easy flights designed to ease you gently into the ways of DC-3 Airways, such as how to fly and handle the DC-3 correctly in a variety of situations, and equally importantly, how to correctly submit a flight report (You want to get paid, don't you?). When the Type Rating Flights have been flown and correctly reported you will then continue as an established member of DC-3 Airways.

2) When the Type Rating Flights have been successfully completed and reported, you, as a newly established member of DC-3 Airway pilots will receive the following privileges:-

  • a) Approval to fly any of the flights or sessions that DC-3 Airways has to offer, including Free Flight.
  • b) 10 bonus hours to be added to your total hours (you must email the President to advise you have completed your TR flights).
  • c) Immediate promotion to 2nd Officer.
3) All flights you make when flying with DC-3 Airways for which you intend to claim flight credit MUST ONLY be made in any derivative of the Douglas DC-2, Douglas DC-3, and the Douglas DC-4. Of course we cannot check which aircraft you use. You are simply asked to abide by the policies set forth in the Operations Manual.

4) We are very strict with personal behaviour in our very popular forum. English is the common language and must be used at all times. There must be no foul language. There must be no "Flaming".

5) Finally, a rarely invoked measure, the senior staff reserves the right to remove anyone from membership of DC-3 Airways whose behaviour is considered detrimental to other airline members and to the good name of DC-3 Airways.

After submitting your application you will in return be sent an email (but please read the following paragraph) containing your registration details. These are your allocated pilot number, username, and passwords which will enable you to record your flights via the APS (Automatic PIREP System) and to access the forum.

Important: Your registration information will be sent to you from the email address rhatcher@eufaula.rr.com, so please ensure your email server won't block or delete emails from that address.

Applications are dealt with manually and is usually processed on the day it was received, but as suggested above, ours is a manual system and people have holidays etc. If by chance you do not receive a reply within two days, it isn't necessary to re-apply, and you can rest assured your application has not gone astray. In this situation we ask you to please be patient and assume your application will have been approved.

While waiting for the joining process to be completed you don't have to wait to begin your career with DC-3 Airways; you can download the DC-3 Type rating package for either FSX, P3D, or X-Plane and commence flying the DC-3 Type Rating Flights immediately. Just remember to make a note of the flights you have flown, and the flight details, such as the flight number and duration of the flight in minutes. When your approval is received and you have the necessary login details, you can then submit your Pilot Reports (PIREPs) in the accepted format.

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