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FSX Textures for the MAAM-SIM DC-3

Modified for DC-3 Airways by Tim Cook and Norman Hancock

Correct installation of the DCA Cargo and Passenger textures will create four new aircraft within the FSX aircraft list. All will appear in DC-3 Airways livery. They are two cargo versions in both Bare Metal and Classic DCA livery, and two passenger versions, again in Bare Metal and Classic DCA livery.

To enjoy the use of these textures you must first have in your possession the official Douglas R4D package available from the MAAM-SIM organisation. You may visit their on-line shop and purchase this excellent aircraft package by clicking the link below.



The DCA Bare Metal Cargo version

Bare metal cargo textures

The DCA Classic Passenger version

DCA Classic texture

Full installation instructions are included in the download. &



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