Hartwig RohrbeckI was born in 1939. A few years later I remember walking on my mothers hand to the bunker while the sky over Berlin was full of fireworks. We had to leave the next day. We moved to the country side and there I remember seeing parachutes in the sky.

While absent from Berlin the Airlift was going on. Still today it is remembered by the Berliners as the greatest gesture by the Allied Forces after the war.

I live now on Clayallee in the south western part of Berlin and just half a mile away sits a Hastings Handley Page as a monument. Our Technik Museum has a DC-3 hanging outside the building like a galleons figure. On Tempelhof Airport we have a DC-3 on service for round trips and charter.

I worked as a construction manager for the German Government and was on duty in the Americas.

It is funny when we fly multiplayer and visit San Juan in Argentina or Mendoza and you have been there in real life. Same with Peru or the Caribbean or the US. Just this year I was landing in gusty winds in Denver in real life and this week with Don_1043 and friends on MP under the same conditions.

I’m married since 45 years to Gudrun. We have 3 elderly kids that is because in the 60´s we where in a hurry to get married and move out from at home to our own place. In between I played a Fender bass guitar in a RB band at the Airport Bar in Tempelhof for a while. In 1965 after I finished my education, I immigrated with my little family to Denmark. We had 8 wonderful years there. Then back to Berlin and I got into the foreign department of the governmental building service.

Flight simulation is now my hobby. My Harley is the other competitor to get my attention.

I do enjoy this hobby and since I’m started discovering the DC-3 I’m also a member of DC3-Airways.
Please let it go on.


Hartwig Rohrbeck