Ron BushellRon Bushell lives in Saskatchewan, Canada and professes to enjoy the dreadful winters there. He is a recently-retired Physics, Chemistry, and Math teacher, and ended his career as a computer consultant to the Public School Board.

DC-3 Airways opened its doors on 14 November 2000 and six days later Ron joined the VA. He was very quick to offer his help. With his background in Flight Simulator flying, Real Weather, SATCO, Roger Wilco, Aircraft Installation, Multi-Player flying, and the thornier aspects of FS-2000, DC-3 Airways soon came to rely on his assistance. A few highlights:

Early on, the New England schedule sent an unknown number of night flights to unlighted runways. Must have been a computer glitch. Ron jumped in and reviewed all of the night flights to help sort out that disaster.

Ron test-flew many of our early flights looking for problems not apparent on FSNavigator. In the meantime he had helped many of our pilots snared in technical problems and has offered many suggestions to the benefit of our VA. He frequently flies with only a Sectional Chart in hand, and worse, easily and accurately trims the DC-3 for altitude, with nary a nod towards the autopilot.

Soon Ron volunteered to help with the PIREPS, a sign that he did have his occasional weak moment. DC-3 Airways jumped at his offer which he followed by incorporating several innovations on the Roster Pages.

Through his long experience with DC-3 Airways, including full responsibility for the VA during several extended periods of time Ron soon knew every aspect of the VA. His wealth of creative suggestions seems bottomless.

Few VAs are so fortunate to have such a perfect fit for CEO so close at hand. Ron Bushell accepted the position of CEO of DC-3 Airways on 17 July 2003.

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18 July 2003

Ron Bushell