Glen BroomeI live in the oldest recorded town in Britain, Colchester; which was once the capital in the days of ancient Rome. My job as an accountant with a large UK based Chemical company is a world away from flight simming, and the 'hobby' that was once a simple distraction from the tedium of Excel spreadsheets has become ever more challenging and interesting.

I have always been interested in history, particularly military history and specialised in the Napoleonic Wars, spending large sums of money obtaining reference works about Napoleonic campaigns, uniforms, tactics etc.. For many years my hobby was 'wargaming' Napoleonic campaigns in miniature with formal written rules, dice, pewter figurines etc.

When CFS1 and later CFS2 came along and I eventually plucked up the courage to get an internet connection [if only dial up at that stage] and joined a combat flight sim group called 6th Group RCAF which had a committed and highly skilled membership. They re-enacted historical air campaigns of WW2 including the Norwegian, Pacific, CBI and Mediterranean theatres including flying some of the Lancaster missions conducted by the brother of our own Al Gay. They once did the whole of the Doolittle raid in flying B25's [the MAAM a/c of course in FS2002] all the way to Japan including weather, the carrier Hornet and targets in Japan.

With the introduction of CFS3 being such a disaster for multiplayer scenarios I switched wholeheartedly to FS2002 and joined DC3 Airways in July 2001. It was the smartest move I ever made. Within this VA I have made many life long friends, many of whom I have had the privilege to meet in person whether it be in the UK, in visits to Berlin or indeed to Ottawa, Canada. Through the encouragement of others and with their patience I have learnt many interesting facets of the flight sim world such as scenery and AI traffic design though I am in awe of the standard of scenery and aircraft that are available as freeware be it from sites such as MAAM or Avsim.

Within 25 miles of where I live are the sites of 15 or more airfields from WW2. My grandfather helped build the runways etc. of Boxted airfield, home of the 8th USAAF 56th fighter group. So it is no surprise that I am interested in military aviation, but only of the pre jet age. I often visit the Imperial War Museum site at RAF Duxford to attend their Flying Legends airshow, where warbirds, JU52's and Daks all congregate each July.

I have 22 hours flight training in a Cessna 152 at Earls Colne airfield, EGSR, once the home of B26 Maurauder medium bombers of WW2. I hope one day to save enough money and get free time enough to eventually complete my training and acquire that elusive pilot's licence.

I have a son of 17 who wants to be a sports commentator, and a daughter away at University in Ottawa, studying English and psychology. My wife Elaine is a teacher and we have been married 24 years having first met at the tender age of 16.

We have in DC3 Airways something possibly unique in flight simming and we should treasure and nurture it like the jewel that it is. Thank you Charlie for making it happen.

Glen Broome