DC-3 Airways (DCA) - Training Division - Certified Flight Instructor Listing

As a "student," it is your responsibility to contact a DCA Certified Flight Instructor and work out details of the time for a training session. Be sure to check:

Logging Flying Time section of the Overview document for the details on how to log flying time and send PIREPS

** - "GMT +/-" times are based on USA - Daylight Savings Time. Please adjust for your local time and whether you are or are not on Daylight Savings Time. Students and Instructors should work out details between themselves.

ICN Name DCA Pilot
Location GMT
+/- **
C Achor, John DC3-0324 USA, AR -5 jachor@suddenlink.net
C Holman, Norman DC3-0549 South Africa +2 nholman@telkomsa.net

Rohrbeck, Hartwig

DC3-1061 Germany +2 hrohr@gmx.net

ICN = Instructor Certificate Number (C is a Charter Instructor)

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