Regional Airlines NOTAMS

  1. Flight SW-818-11 description was truncated during the DCA PDF Conversion. Here is the full flight description:

    Depart Hobby Hdg 280deg to IDU/VOR, 110.2, then to CWK/VOR, 112.8 (located 8nm beyond A/P,NNE ) when 25nm from VOR, tune BS/NDB, 255.0, track to NDB, when 15nm from CWK/VOR, turn left to 232deg, contact tower for lndg instr. OR, you can fly 282deg direct to A/P from IDU/VOR, contact tower as soon as possible for landing instructions to land at Austin Bergstrom Int. ... Cruise Altitude = 6500 ft.
  1. Flight SW-964-202 and SW-964-203. Pullman/Moscow Airport, KPUW, is in the state of Washington, not Idaho.