Here's what's included in Update 2

Download Update 2

Reminder ... The Basic Marine Division Files and Update 1 must already be installed.

This update contains a variety of new features which will enhance your enjoyment of the Marine Division and Baltimore Municipal Airport. You must have installed the original Marine Division release and Update 1 for any of the following to be useful. Click the link above for download and installation instructions for these earlier releases.

KBMA Airport Improvements:

Beacons on Buoys:

KBMS (Baltimore Municipal Seabase):

In addition, three Boeing B314 AI aircraft (seaplanes) are provided that take off and land at different intervals, taxi and park correctly, and can be listened to when they are talking to tower and ground.

Night Over Water:

Red Buoy:

You will find other important information in the Readme file included in the Update 2 download.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with this Update 2, or with the Marine Division, please contact Mike White at

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