Marine Division Update 1 Features

Note: You must install the basic Marine Division Files before adding the features below.

  1. Buoys and in-water parking location

  2. KBMA Airport Improvements

  3. KBMA AI Flights and expanded aircraft parking

    Check here often. Many more features are on the way!

Buoys and in-water parking location
  1. A series of buoys, white with red lettering, marking the taxiways
    to the ends of water runways 15W and 33W.

  2. In water parking location for your float plane near the sea ramp.

KBMA Airport Improvements


  1. One file cleans up some leftover MS night lighting textures and adds grass and general
    appearance improvements to the airport and the immediate surrounding area.

    For users of USA Roads, this file also removes all generated roadways from the KBMA
    airport property. See included screenshots.

  2. A second file removes the MS version of the Francis Scott Key bridge spanning the
    Patapsco River east of the airport. This bridge did not exist in the era when KBMA
    was there and today is a high span bridge that allows ship traffic to pass beneath it.
    See included screenshot.
  3. This file removes the two bridges (which are actually tunnels) from the entrance to the
    Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River leading to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

    For those who like to model AI ship traffic, you now have clear sailing from the Inner
    Harbor to the Chesapeake Bay and the world.

    Also included is a modified screenshot (JPG) of the KBMA Plan showing the taxiway
    designations for those who like to use ATC but don't like the "pink arrow" of the
    progressive taxi.

KBMA AI Flights and expanded aircraft parking


  1. Expanded and designated parking is now available for the DC-4.

  2. AI Traffic ... DC-3s and DC4s. Exact departure times are in the Readme file.

    1. DC-3 Airways flights about every 60 minutes from KBMA to KDCA
      and from KDCA to KBMA.

    2. DC-3 Airways flights from KBMA to KBOS. Six hours later the flight
      will depart Boston for KBMA.

    3. An American Airlines flight will depart KBMA for Newark, NJ returning
      about 3.5 hours later.

    4. An Eastern Airlines flight will depart for Norfolk, VA returning about
      3.5 hours later.

    5. A Piedmont Airlines flight will depart for Richmond, VA returning about
      3.5 hours later.

    The American, Eastern, and Piedmont flights are on four hour cycles.

    These AI flights may impact the frame rates of older, slower computers.
    The Readme file contains instructions on how to lessen this impact.

  3. American, Eastern, and Piedmont liveries are included.

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