Float Plane Files

The Aircraft

You must install two files to place the Float version of the DC-3 into your FS2004 Aircraft Directory:

  • The MAAM-SIM R4D/DC-3

  • The Freeware XC-47 Float Conversion Files
  • Note that you must install the MAAM-SIM R4D/DC-3 into FS2004 before attempting to install the float-plane files.


    The XC-47 aliases (links to) the standard MAAM-SIM R4D panel. However, you may install your favorite DC-3 panel as with any other DC-3.

    Be aware of the type of radios on your new panel, however. The XC-47 is aliased to the R4D panel. Those radios do not have the standby frequency function. If your new panel has radios with a standby frequency capability, such as the Bendix stack, a small change is needed in the aircraft.cfg file or they will not function properly. Here's how to change the aircraft.cfg file to accommodate standby-frequency radios. (Backup your aircraft.cfg file first)

    1) Close Flight Simulator.
    2) Open the XC-47 aircraft.cfg file with NOTEPAD.
    3) Scroll down to the [Radios] section.
    4) It should look like this:

    // Radio Type=available, standby frequency, has glide slope
    Com.1=1, 0
    Com.2=1, 0
    Nav.1=1, 0, 1
    Nav.2=1, 0, 1

    5) Make the four changes shown below in red, then save the aircraft.cfg file.

    // Radio Type=available, standby frequency, has glide slope
    Com.1=1, 1
    Com.2=1, 1
    Nav.1=1, 1, 1
    Nav.2=1, 1, 1

    If you are unsure how to do that, seek help on our Forum. Many will be happy to assist you.


    Now you will want to replace MAAM-SIM's olive-drab military textures with Mark Beaumont's DCA Textures.

    Here, you have two simple options:

    Raising and Lowering the Rudder
    While taxiing in the water you steer your aircraft by rudders mounted at the rear of your floats. However, you must raise these rudders for takeoff, landing, and of course while moving about on land in this amphibious aircraft.

    Here, again, you have two options to raise or lower your rudders.

    Installing your float plane, changing textures, and adding rudder control is not difficult. However, if you do run into problems, go immediately to our Forum for help. It's a very friendly place.









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